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In a dark room

Updated on June 18, 2013

The Dark Room

Heaven.......A Cherry Blossom Forest and a yellow sky. I was surrounded by people who loved me. The naked eye saw strangers, but the heart saw family and friends. It was a world were no tears existed, only smiles and laughter. Only happiness. It was a world full of dreams........It was MY dream.....

I open my eyes and I can't see anything....Everything is pitch black. I layed on an uncomfortable surface, springs squeaking as I try to move.. Weakness pumping through my veins. A strange gas stench floating through the room. No spark of light, no hope, no happiness....Scared with a fast, loud heart beat.....each heart beat closer to its end.

I build up enough strength to feel around. Four concrete walls with deceiving cracks. Many of which I hoped would be the doors of freedom. "Someone help me please...." Too weak to even scream. I dragged myself on the walls back onto my bed. I closed my eyes, and hoped I would wake up in a pretty place "This is just a nightmare..."

I can feel someone sitting next to me..."Who are you?" The person didn't reply with words.....I felt soft small hands touching my face gently.....Her hands smelled like freshly picked flowers. She grabbed my hand and slowly pulled me to get up...she had me follow her to the opposite side of the room. There, was a big crack letting light in....She held my hand as we felt the wall moving upward from the crack of light. There, was a nob. I turn the nob slowly, and open the door.....Blinded by light......and sweat dried up by a strong fresh breeze.....

I open my eyes.....and I can't see anything........ Everything was pitch black......I let my head fall to the side...and just when I'm about to give up....I see a spot of light in the middle of the floor. I look up, and I see the crack.....I let myself fall to the floor and I drag myself to the other side.....Thinking, "could it be it.....Will I finally get out of this dark room"....When I reached the other side, I lifted my hand, but I couldn't reach the nob....I used every last bit of energy to lift my body up.....every muscle being used.... I felt around the crack.....and I felt into the crack.....and I felt door......I fell onto the floor, and tried to drag my body back to the bed. Too much energy needed for such a long way back to the least uncomfortable place. So I layed in the middle of the room, not caring how uncomfortable it must have been, and knowing that I would never find my way out. I'm not sure if I'm even still alive, but if I am.....I'm screaming out for help, I'm screaming with tears........

But I no longer feel scared.........


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    • SiberianWolf profile image

      Eric T. Shortridge 5 years ago from MidWest

      Images of despair written in the darker of inks... taken to a place I'd rather not be... Great ink!