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Out of the blues ...

Updated on June 14, 2015
William Wordsworth
William Wordsworth | Source

Lost and Found

When I see that which cannot be seen,
hear the words not spoken
I walk the road of my mind and I set out to discover me.
The day is long and the nights never ending,
and as I bathe in the reflection of wisdoms pool,
my story starts to unfold.

Within the confines of my fractured heart,
riding through the playground of my soul,
I am the master of solitude.
Each longing I nourish with the songs I sing.
I paint a smile and step out into the unknown,
This car will take me home.

Its the place where the heart lives,
the place that knows my desires,
and is witness to my disasters.
When the darkness shrouds me, here I turn,
as the day gets harder my burden bears the brunt,
worn and weary I run and seek respite besides my mothers door.

In comforts arms I lay still and dwell on my time,
in her voice I seek solace and gather my strength.
Standing in the doorway I seek my return,
The rain washes away the pain,
and I start anew.

Where there lies hope, there is the light,
I step forward with all my might.
I open my eyes and the great unknown unfolds,
Life's great adventure is my stage,
And I must play my part.

Each new start brings me new hope
Each day brings with it something new
and when I wake with the glistening of the morning dew
My life comes full circle and I surrender to you anew

In this place I am found,
with rhapsodic words and and languid care,
I hear you utter the words I long to hear.


© 2015 Ak.Han


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