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In deepest sincerity

Updated on November 27, 2013

It's the right heart
the right motives
the right intentions
love is the frame of mind to have
blessing those who are near
being thankful for those
who God has given.

In the deepest sincerity
a heart speaks truth
faces the light
understand there is
no guilt or shame
in existing and thriving.

It's the magic of angels
opening doors
the light shines so bright
love heals the heart
God speaks in the silence
quietly in the sunlight
that shines in the breeze.

Inside in the chambers of the heart
the purity stays clean
unblemished untouched from
the worlds clouded confusion
the worlds fears that blind their eyes

Love empathizes with the hurting soul
compassion lends a helping hand
understanding life is filled with hardships
having mercy on another.
Love forgives without conditions.

There is no harshness in love
no toughness only soothes the soul
calms the storm in the eye of the hurricane.

Love blossoms in the middle of winter
the wings of angels always guarding the atmosphere.
Blooming roses never die in the heart
that survives.

Every second of happiness leads
the way to a rainbow that paints the sky.
Golden tear drops fall from the heavens
blessing your life.


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