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In my world, I do not exist.

Updated on August 7, 2017

In my world, I do not exist.

In my world, there is no one like me, no one who acts like me, no one who looks like me, no me.

In my world, what I see in the mirror is not the same person I talk to my friends with.

In my world, I think its absurd that anyone would talk to the person I see in the mirror, so I pretend to be some one else.

In my world, I do not exist, but there are mutable of me.

One part of me is only shown with my good friends, another part of me is shown to strangers. And another is shown to friends.

The part of me that is shown to no one is the me in the mirror.

In my world, I do not exist. In your world, only a part of me exists.

The rest only exists around the right people.


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