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In only God, I will trust

Updated on February 19, 2013

In only God, My father I will trust

In god’s creation, we come to play,

And at night, we must all say our prayers,

Don’t evil, and don’t be mean,

And before your feet,

Your life will unfold,

Hold your head up when your are down,

Don’t be foolish,

And don’t mess around,

It might be money on Earth you found,

With it, you think you can push people around,

Don't put other people’s blame on me,

For it is my Lord God who is going to set me free,

Foolish man don’t think you are higher than God,

Beware of God and don’t point your foolish

Finger at me,

Before my father in heaven above,

I ask for forgiveness for my own sins,

Wicked people tongue do not hold,

Not even the old and the bold,

Greed has got hold of them,

In this world, It is a shame to be seen.


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