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In regards to Job.

Updated on August 10, 2013

Living with the past

He knew I would do it

It was only a matter of time

Ticking of a gear on high

An unbeating heart to try

What an innocent sacrifice

I couldn't have resisted in my rage

Yet in the moment presented

Existence turned a page


Recriminations in Nature

I was so sure

I placed my soul

Out of reach

Least someone claim

I knew not my craft

Yet as I looked that good man in the eye

I felt myself daft.


Introspective truth

I don't dare say

He made me do it

He was so pleased

With this son of his

But could not grant

What was his due

Except he hazard the man

Before my view.

The Deed

I stripped him bare

Step by step

Thing by thing

Thinking and claiming

"any moment he'll break"

First his things

And then his people

In spite of these he didn't budge

I plagued his flesh

He prayed the more

So unlike the hedonist masses was he

He made me wonder

In his faith

If there might be some point

To my Brother seeking the tree

His wife shamed him

His friends accused him

I could not take much more

So I, in his humility,

Came to set the balance right

Showing him where the equities be

But still my heart misgave.

What had I done?

Had the floods driven me mad?

The Requiem

I know how he felt

though time seemingly obscures

caught by light

by conviction to be on an alter

finding your soul

the sacrifice of self

noting that few if any

understand blood

your blood trickling in rivers

from the sticking place of your call

waiting for it to be enough.

afraid to utter these words

least they negate your performance

requiring all to be done anew


'Tis midnight

He is in daylight

I being as different as the same

wondering when it will be enough

differences being significant enough

to make me feel lost in a way

though Father says,

"All is well, wait a moment more."

In my heart I feel

that maybe Job was the better man

I pray that not be so

an equal is all I hope

Still I wait upon

the pleasure of light

to take me out of my whole

and holy declared

to be ready to run to the sun



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