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In A Fairy World- short story about Fairies

Updated on February 13, 2015
AMY BROWN is an amazing artist, and was the one who started me thinking about fairy stories
AMY BROWN is an amazing artist, and was the one who started me thinking about fairy stories


The queen stood, a frozen statuette, maybe a few feet away from the girl. Susan wouldn't be able to see her even if her head wasn't buried in the cradle of her arms. The Queen's skin was a light umber that blended with the hue of dead leaves surrounding her, and her hair cast a deeper shade of yellow that seemed to disappear into the atmosphere.

The only thing that stood out was the bright, almost complete white eyes that seemed to burn into the top of Susan's strawberry blond head. If Susan were to look up at that moment, she would have seen them glowing, but she would probably think it was a trick of the light.

Queenie continued to stand as still as stone, her eyes not even twitching or blinking as they bore into Susan's soul. She started humming softly, and her pupils gleamed with amazing intensity. As the notes climbed higher, the sharp rays from her eyes went farther and brighter, engulfing Susan in a wash of transparent white. The humming continued in a high, melodic rhythm, and probed into the mind of the ten year old golden child.

Quickly the glow exploded sending shards of pictures and sounds into waves that encircled the two fairies. In a rush they were shown a world completely removed from theirs, but also somehow close by. They could see the tops of trees and the sky. They looked the same as their home, but then they saw other things. Other beings. They saw huge rocks that looked similar to the the ones strategically set into the town, but these were flying into the air, or being pushed by a huge, yellow machine.

The chaos of Bayrwood seemed like the end of the world approaching. Boulders endlessly rolled down the cliff, smacking into the mud-cement rocks of their homes; destroying them everywhere as fairy folk scrambled to find a safe tree to hide under. The noise was incredibly deafening; Loud sputters and roars that continued throughout the day.

Lana felt the earth vibrate as she clung to her brother. They were squeezed in between the roots of an oak. She held in a gasp, though she grimaced as she felt his body shaking also as another landslide crashed into the tree.

The assault continued, but the avalanches subsided after a few hours. Just as she thought they would be able to dash downstream to the town shelter, they were bombarded with another earthquake that left them scrounging for a foothold.

Now the mood goddess knew what was coming. These monstrous structures and the humans were bringing the fairies to ruin. Slowly, they were destroying their homes, one by one. It was up to her to stop it before it was too late. Queenie quickly shot into the air, and buzzed through the grove, Suya following right behind. There was a lot to do, and not enough time.

The Servant

The darkness melts into the soft pine trees, and the moon slowly rises. full and birght with power. The Asrais fairy slinks out from beneath her furrow of leaves, and hides behind her veil that is there to black out the glimmer of light reflected in the moon and stars. Because she is not able to be touched by light, she remains in recluse. Others of her kind have been slowly reduced and scattered throughout the decades, but every Asrais fairy worships the Moon Goddess. They come together for a short time every night, connecting through small moonbeams and stars, keeping the moon aligned, and serving their queen.

She sees the Moon Goddess now, an ephemeral shadow against the shiny black of the sky. As Asrais hums she begins to connect her soul to the chill night air, and feels the other fairies aura surround her. This dark fairy queen not only controls the night, but also the evil that spreads throughout the world. She sees the midnight sky as a way to create fear, and she guides a path to all kinds of horrid nightmares, grief and even pain.

Asrais kneels slowly onto the cushioned bed of leaves, and starts chanting in a chiming crystal voice.

"Mother of the moon, I pledge to thee."

"Dark fairy guide me."

Others broke into the silence with their soft, silken sounds. The chants and tones creates a subtle song, that seemed to float on a small gust of wind, as twinkling stars blinked; fairies winging through the night to do their bidding.

The full moon was shining, and Asrais knew that this meant a sacrifice. In order to complete this mission, the moon goddess picked a handful of exceptional fairies devoted to her, to do the evil work. Every dark fairy waited eagerly, excited to become a great service to their mother.

As the chant continued for the seventh time, a light kiss on Asrais’ cheek sent tears floating into her eyes. Her call had finally been answered, she had finally been chosen, and a weight that had burdened her for decades, eased off of her shoulders.

My thoughts

As much as I like sharing my writing with everyone, I am torn. I don't have a great amount of time for this anyway, and I have yet to finish a short story (besides the ones written in middle school). I have also realized that this creative writing stuff just doesn't pay off, the latest diet rage still seems to be more important, don't ask me how.......I wish there were more people out there who could just appreciate good writing, instead of posting nonsensical BS on Facebook. I know it's not bad to check it out once in a while, but sometimes reading a good story beats this by far. Yeah, I know that everyone is different, and most people enjoy social activities and strange bizarre real life stories (I can never forget about the Octomom) so much more than me, I only hope that some people will be happy that I have published this writing, and maybe eventually some good will come of it.

So thank-you to those people who understand the importance of creative writing, and choose to read my work. Don't ever forget that there is more to life than fun and friends.


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