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In the Valley of Hinnom

Updated on March 5, 2010

In the valley

    by the valley, of the valley

    by the way,

There are a people

     of the people

     cursed for who they were

Damned by all

    cursed of Rome

    wastrels one and all

Fires burning

     burning screams and shouting

     in the valley by the way,

Eastern valley

     of the people, of the valley

     by way of the way


   for salvation of the nation

   for the God, of the man,

Fires burning

   surrendering orange yellow,

   orange, orange black to dark

Victims smoke

     victims all the victims,

     many, many in the pyre

So many

    so much refuse, wasted

    one for all, all for none

Days of hade’s

    none to comfort, comfort

    burning, burning all the more

Eyes of devils

    minds of mortals,

    souls as Spartans evermore

Days of yore

    days gone by forgotten,

    not forevermore


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