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Updated on September 23, 2017

Simon and Cynthia were planning their wedding and honeymoon for months and the day was finally approaching. It was a small wedding, they wanted to keep it simple and spend more money on the honeymoon. Cynthia was searching online when she came across the perfect place. She talked it over with Simon and they decided that it was where they wanted to go, a private island in the South Pacific. It was a dream, costly and it was a struggle to come up with the money but they knew it was something that they would never forget.

Their wedding day finally came. It was held at a small chapel on the outskirts of town with just family and a few friends attending. When the pastor said, “You may now kiss the bride.” it was the start of their lives together. They had a small reception after the wedding that was arranged by both families.

Simon and Cynthia’s parents, brothers, and sisters hugged them both as they got into the car to be driven to the airport by Simon’s father and mother. The parents waited in the airport until the plane took off. They were on their way to the South Pacific. With a couple of stops on the way and finally getting on a small plane to take them close to the island where they would be staying, it was a long and tiring trip. The last leg on the trip was by boat, the only way to get to their final destination.

As they stepped out of the boat and looked around it looked so magnificent. It was just like the ad on the Internet explained. The beach was so beautiful, the water so crystal clear, the sky so blue, the weather so warm. A man was there to greet them and take their luggage to their private bungalow. It was so beautiful, what a great place to spend their honeymoon.

It was only noontime so they got into their swimming suits and made the way to the beach. They were relaxing in their lounge chairs and they were brought drinks, compliments of the house. Cynthia looked over at Simon and said, “What do you think?”

“How could you not love this?” replied Simon.

They spent the afternoon swimming in the ocean, playing in the sand, enjoying the sunshine. It was just before dinner time that they went back to their bungalow and got cleaned up. The dinner was marvelous and the service was excellent. Both of them thought that this was the perfect place, the most beautiful either had ever been to.

They sat up and talked until almost midnight before they decided to go to bed. Even in bed they just had to keep talking about the wonderful day they had. Cynthia said, “Simon, this is a day we will never forget.” He just smiled and agreed.

Finally, they fell asleep and were having pleasant dreams. It was Simon that woke up first and he couldn’t move. He tried to get up but it felt like he was tied down. He was able to lift his head up enough to see that the bed was covered in what seemed like a woven net. He was able to reach over and shake Cynthia. She woke up and said, “What is this? What is going on here? Did they put a giant net on top of us?”

“I don’t know?” said Simon. “There is something going on here. Is this some kind of a joke?”

“What do you think it is?” asked Cynthia.

Simon just laid there in fear saying, “I have no idea honey.”

They were trapped in bed and were screaming for a hour. It seemed like no one heard them but that seemed impossible. Finally, Simon said to Cynthia, “Quiet a second, I hear something.” They both listened, it was a hissing sound, “What can that be?” asked Simon.

“I have no idea, but I am scared,” replied Cynthia.

A few minutes went by and at the foot of the bed, they saw it appear. Its head was huge with a large mouth and fangs. It appeared so hairy. It lifted itself up on the bed, giant legs went from one side of the bed to the other. It was a grotesque looking spider, it moved itself toward the head of the bed Cynthia screamed and screamed. Simon appeared in shock, he couldn’t say anything. It moved its head from side to side starring at Cynthia and then Simon. Finally, Simon muttered, “It is the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life. We are trapped in its web.” It opened its mouth and they could see its fangs.

It just stood there over them, looking from side to side. The door to the bedroom creaked as it opened. A tall man, over six and a half feet walked in, he had long scraggly hair, a dirty beard, and it smelled like he hadn’t seen water in days. “How are you enjoying your stay?” he laughed as he said it.

“Get us out of here!” Simon said.

“You don’t sound pleased with your accommodations,” the man replied.

Cynthia said, “Who are you? Let us out of here.”

The man said, “I’ll take it from here, Fred.” The spider turned around and jumped off of the bed. “I am the cook,” he said. “I guess the staff will eat well tonight.” He laughed and laughed.

Simon and Cynthia heard a scraping sound that the man was doing at the side of the room. “What are you doing?” said Simon.

The man didn’t say anything, he just walked back to the side of the bed near their heads. He lifted up a huge machete with both of his hands. Simon and Cynthia screamed as he lowered the machete at them as fast as he could.

Copyright Larry W. Fish 2017


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    • Larry Fish profile imageAUTHOR

      Larry W Fish 

      8 months ago from Raleigh

      It all comes from my fear of spiders, Peggy.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      8 months ago from Houston, Texas

      Wow! I would say that it was a true nightmare that the newlyweds experienced. That is quite a story! I did not see that coming.


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