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In the evening hours......verse

Updated on May 30, 2014

Take a deep deep breath

You're more apt to find me simply contemplating
the peaceful
passing of the hours
not that life is always peaceful
but that I now have found these hours
that way
perhaps all the more
by necessity

On the shading of the screened in porch
next to the maple trees
leaved out now in spring
where in an oil painters world the
west side of the trees lie
highlighted slightly lighter
than not
and they move in unison
by their love of
these very breezes

And that's just what the evening light does
to maple trees...that and a setting sun
and a soft breeze born of the
temperature inversions
down out of the high green ridges
of our mountains
maybe it's just the
movement that I love
the trees
the wind
the mind

So tonight take a good book
take an hour or two
take all the time that your
soul desires and go there
wherever there is
on the back steps
on the fresh mown lawn on the bench
or in the soft pine needles
out back
and sit with me
don't say a word
sit with me
just for awhile


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