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A seeker of all things water......

Updated on May 2, 2013
Frozen in yet
Frozen in yet

From the first melt of winter
on the smallest scale
I watch as the dried
and decomposing silt from the fallen
autumn leaves mix with
snow melt and become moving
wet ice
freezing overnight
and then melting slowly
in to a new stream

And from the stream comes first
the idea
for a renewing spring
of warmth
and wetting seeds to germinate
soundlessly neath the
layed down field grass
where the blue
yellow and
lavender flowers
will arrise

The stream runs to the brook
and on down to the river
that we hope is eternal
I listen to the joyous voices
of stones against white water
of water against the river
bank and the river
bank against the ebbing

As the very voice of nature speaks
to me like so many screeching country
children in a summer swimming hole
The river joyous
And I would be the riverbed inself lieing
beneath the lady of the river
looking up through her movements
to the surface ripples showing me
that she shivers in delight

Yes the river would move against me
fluidly and forever and she would come
again and again to my bed
of stones until we
were one
I am a seeker of all things water
I am the rivers bed
and the river itself
my lover


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    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 3 years ago

      whonunuwho, I so appreciate this ! Be well my friend !

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