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In valleys of men........verse

Updated on July 7, 2014
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Cleaved as if from the sides of two mountains
right down through the center of some men
lined with granite ledges
and overgrown with primal forests
dark and deep
yet never to be filled

Lies a chasm of such emptiness as to render
him separate from the rest
and by far just too much
and he knows this too
he knows it

Some men are just too unsettled
like the river in that wild
and winding chasm
like a river totally out of

And yet there are days when the
river seems almost manageable
but do not be fooled
It is not your river
he is not your man

Some rivers were created by the hands of
the almighty to just leave them be
as if forever unfinished
forever wild
stand for a moment and marvel
and just walk away
you cannot change it


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