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In your Silence (A Poem)

Updated on February 10, 2015

In the light of your silence

In your stillness, I have learned to move slowly, avoiding stepping into your shadow,
In your wildness, I have learned to laugh, an infinite laughter that goes unheard,
In your gray days, I have learned how to transform into a sun, with pure rays of energy and hold your soul captive,
In your silence, I have heard your most intimate secrets, as i sit next to you, hiding.
In your eyes, I have learned to see your reflection, loving me, wanderlust
In your arms i have lived a thousand nights, reading someone else's story
In your sleep, I have learned to travel in the night, and watch you from another angle, and smile in silence
In our years, I have learned that no one belongs to one an other, that our souls connect, and the heart must be still
In the stillness, we learn how to dance, naked, under the moon, feeling the energy on our feet, feeling one with the earth
Because it is then, during the night, that we feel our most alive.
It is then, that you play your guitar, and I stare at you in candlelight, as you become my muse, then I write,
Write about all those night lovers, of the spells conjured in candle light, of the sounds of silence, and the beauty of staying still.

Because, it is then, In the light of your silence, that Ive learned, to merge our souls, and be free...


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