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In The Spotlight

Updated on February 9, 2011

News Flash

Here we are together one more time

Talking about what matters most on our minds

Could it be our family or friends that have done something funny

That we found so amusing that we are still laughing

Life can only be so special because we make it that way

I see so many people sad and I don't know why ?

There is so much happiness to be found all around

We just have to open our eyes wide and take in all the good things that we see

Starting from that grin on your face that makes me want yell for joy

Like someone is having a baby

You are really proud to yell and you don't care who hears you

It's a beautiful baby boy !!!!

Why can't we carry that excitement even further to every day that we live

You don't have to be rich and famous

You are important and are at the top of my list

You have to be brave and enjoy life in every way possible

It is not easy but it can be the best fun you have had in years

I want you to smile so much that I see tears

You can look around you right now

Put down the newspaper filled with baloney

Shut off the t.v. news and lets forget about all the troubles that we see

Put an end to the gossip and those reality shows

When we watch and read do we help the people that we see so depressed and unfortunate

Or are we just carrying on their grief until we hurt

Why not make news that we want to see and share freely

A happiness that comes from within and can spread from her to him

After years of pain and all the news that we have witnessed

Has our life become better or worse ?

I think it is time to turn our life around starting now

Tell me a story of a good time you had

You don't have to say names or places

Just the facts mame nothing but the facts

I love staying home and reading on the hub pages on my day off

That is it

Simple and wonderfully put

Now it is up to you to carry my thoughts even farther

I can give you some more help

I love waking up today and I feel so healthy

Isn't that enough to put us on the right track

I want to continue this discussion but it not what life means to me

But what it means to you

Without all that drama and the yelling and screaming

Tell me what moves you and keeps you happy

One quick line will do

Please start off with I love to...

I love to write my most secret thoughts on paper and then share them with the world

I love to be the youngest in my family so I can learn from their mistakes and I learn so much faster

I love listening to my mother telling stories of years ago

I love to call to say hello to an aunt or uncle I haven't seen

I love getting my paycheck that I worked so hard for

I love that feeling you get after you eat that is when you say I can't eat another bite

Don't be shy

Drop me a line on how happy you are and why ?

Try to do it in one sentence or less

I will put your imagination to the test

Yes bring all those good feelings to the surface

No need to let them collect dust and go to sleep

I want them front and center so I can see them and benefit from the love that you keep

We are only hear for a short time

Isn't it time we made life matter a little more than I feel good

I want to hear it in the words that I read

I want to see the image in my head

I want to have a whole body experience

I want to laugh till I cry

Please please don't just read

I want you to write and give it an honest effort

You will never know how wonderful it is

Until you put on paper the feelings that you adore

So then you can experience the thrill of living once more


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Leni Sands Awesome !!! Thank you so much.

    • leni sands profile image

      Leni Sands 6 years ago from UK

      I love to watch the children gleefully out at play

      I love to hear what the elders memories have to say

      I love to see the birds busy feeding their young

      I love the feelings of warmth on hearing a beautiful song.

      Great hub DREAM ON - lovely idea!