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Incessant flow...

Updated on August 21, 2015

Sitting by the river, admiring the incessant flow of water you asked

“Do you still remember that day?”

Didn’t need to think hard to know which day you meant

A soft smile played at the corner of my lips, how could I forget

That was the day we cleanse ourselves from everything,

just like the stones in the river floor, that get cleanse in the stream

we cleansed our hearts and promised never to get tainted with mundane and trivial things

that was the day I knew my heart would belong to no one else, but you

I turned around, a single tear rolled down from my green eye and with it, the answer to your question was visible,

To anyone who dared to see, there is no purer love than this

Our hearts sing in unison a soft melody that will enchant anyone who dares to listen

To the music created by two hearts that beat as one


And even as the years go by

and we are hanging with the up's and down's

we are still sure, that together we will flow

and grow as one

even the stone in our path will move

holding hand in hand

we are unstoppable


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