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Increase your chances of becoming published!

Updated on June 14, 2012

Key step to success

For those of you who are or aspire to be authors one day, I hope my blogs are particularly useful to you. As an editor for an e-publishing house, I’m privy to common mistakes that have cost authors (or soon-to-be authors) a publishing contract—that’s why editing is so very important. Think of your words as representing you—a person and an author. If you were to meet someone, say a future business client, in person for the first time, I hope that you would take a moment to consider proper attire and hygiene. For example, you wouldn’t show up in a stained T-shirt and stinky armpits to meet this client for the very first time (or hopefully ever!). What would happen if you did? Do you think your potential client would take you seriously? Do you think your attire will affect your probability of landing the business? You bet your bucks it will!

Well, when you’re writing, people gauge your intelligence and credibility through your words and your ability to write well. They will most likely be inclined to read your work again if they have a positive experience the first time. If you have even a few grammatical, factual or punctuation errors, these oversights on your part can turn a reader completely off from reading any of your future works.

In the same manner, publishers are interested in publishing authors who are serious about their work. This means that when you submit to an agent or publisher, your work must be in mint condition—which is why I always suggest you hire an editor prior to engaging in the publishing process. Errors break the flow of any writing—no matter how well written—and this can deter an agent or publisher (who typically receives tons of manuscripts) from considering your work beyond the first error. And, no matter how great of a genius you may be when it comes to understanding the rules of grammar, everyone makes mistakes. And it’s often very easy to overlook your own.

So, bottom line: If you’re looking to get published, showcase your work the right way by making sure you pay a second set of experienced eyes to double check your work. As I always say, even editors need an editor :-)

Until next time, happy editing and writing!


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