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Increasing Readership for your Articles

Updated on December 26, 2013

Sharing articles on social network.

*One of the most efficient and effective ways to gain readership for your articles-specifically for people who publish on online article directories- is for you to share your article with friends on social networks such as Twitter or Face book . When you share your articles on a social network , you do not just get readership from your friends and other interest groups but also you get to have your content shared by these friends with their friends as well. When you share it there on the social network, your friends after reading and finding the content interestingly fun would also share the content with their friends to comment and have further discussions on the topic. Friends of your friends who also find the article interesting would continue to share with their friends – and the sharing cycle continues till you have a whole lot of readers commenting, liking as well as sharing your interesting article with their friends. The more your content is shared, the more likely you are to get more subscribers. The comments you also receive from readers, the more ideas you gain in writing more.

Adding keywords and key phrases to increase your search engine ranking

*To increase viewership for your articles, you should try as much as possible to also infuse in your article the appropriate level of keywords or technical words. This is to help the search engine ranking. Infuse into your title and content the keywords that your potential reader is likely to use to search for the article. The appropriate level of keywords used in the content will not only make your article exciting to read but it will also help in search engine ranking and help readers to find your content with ease in search engines . Search engines search the web based on the keywords or the words that the users has typed in the search box. It's also able to link your article to other related topics. Even if the reader doesn't find yours in the first search result, he or she would likely find it among other related contents. *Also when publishing your contents, you should try as much as possible to save it to the appropriate category of topic on the directory. This will also help readers to find your articles at least with less difficulty. Your article when published or saved this way will help your article to also appear on the related article section when readers are reading on topics or articles related to your topic.

Grouping and linking your articles well

* Another way to also increase readership for your articles is to appropriately group or document your articles and connect them. This method most specifically suits article writers who publish on online article directories. In grouping your articles appropriately, you make it easily accessible for readers to find and read related content on topic of their interest. In publishing your articles, you must first of all choose the appropriate category that your article falls under or which properly fits your topic and article on the directory. This makes searching by readers a lot easy. It’s easier for your potential readers to find your content using the category search of the directory. It also enables your article to appear among other related topics on the directory which also fall in the same category as yours. This is to say that your article is linked to other related articles on the directory so that readers can also find yours as they read other articles in the same category as yours. The easier it becomes for potential readers to find your article, the more readership your article gets.

Placing link on your article page

You can also make searching for your content a lot easy for potential readers by linking your current articles to previous interesting articles or other related articles that can assist the reader in finding out more on the topic. This is a great way of using your new articles to sort of promote or advertize your other interesting articles so your old articles can even continue to gain readership. You should put links of your published works on other related published articles. After reading one article, the reader could click on the link to another of your written article instead of searching for a new one or clicking to go on to another article in the category. You could place the links to other contents in between the paragraphs or you can put them above the page (between the title of article and introduction). You could also put them below the article, just before the comments section. You could also put them on the side of the page so that the reader would be able to see as they scroll downwards. Even more you can make some of the keywords or phrases in your content links to your other interesting articles. This in a way keeps your audience or target readers in a web of your articles hence increase your readership.

An interesting title gets readership

An interesting title is one of the things that can increase readership for your content. First of all there are lots of published articles on the same topic that you have published. Even when the article contains very much interesting information, what the reader looks out for among other related topics in the search rankings among other related articles is the one which is interesting enough. In simple words, you could have a very interesting and informative article, but without an interesting title, readers may be clicking to reader other less informative and even less interesting articles over yours just because they have interesting titles than yours. With an interesting title, you are likely to make your content stand out from the rest. Most readers deduce how interesting an article would be and also whether they would want to read or not from the article’s title. When your article has a very interesting title, it’s likely to get more readership because even when the reader may not have the time and opportunity to read it there and then, they can mark the content as unread or even subscribe to your articles in order to have easy access to your content whenever they have time to read. An interesting title adds to the first impression of the article. You should try as much possible to come up with a very catchy interesting title in order to increase readership for your articles. Create interesting titles that can create enough suspense and curiosity in the mind of the reader. You can pick a catchy interesting phrase from the article and use it as the title of the content. You can also search for keywords from the other articles under the topic category of your article. Using these popular keywords that readers are likely to use in searching for the content, you can create an interesting title out of it that fits your content.

An Attractive Photo gets more readership than one without photo

*An article which has a very attractive or interesting photo is likely to gain more readership than one which doesn’t have a photo at all. The Interesting photos attached to the article draws the attention of readers to your work as it appears in the directory among several other contents under the same topic. It’s the thumbnail or photo of the article that is going to make yours stand out from the rest.

*You should understand that the article directory has lots of articles on topics related to yours. All these published articles will be competing with yours in the search engine rankings. Among other related articles in the search engine rankings what is likely to draw the attention of the potential reader even to the title of your article is the photo or thumbnail that appears in the search rankings. The potential reader can determine how interesting the content of the article will be by just looking at the photo. The photo of the article therefore adds to the first impression on the potential reader. It is one of the things that readers see before even they read the content. With an attractive photo attached to your content, you are able to make readers conclude that the content must be interesting.

Also when the article is shared on a social media site by a reader, the attractive photo can increase readership as it will draw the attention of the friends of the shearer to see whatever information is contained in what he or she has shared and whether the content justifies the attractiveness photo.

One thing that also helps articles with attractive photos gain more readership is that article directories normally promote articles with interesting photos on their homepage (to make their homepage look attractive to site visitors). So if you have a very interesting-original photo -that’s related to the article, you can gain the advantage of your article showing up or appearing at the homepage of the directory. In other words, you can gain free publicity from the article directory for your current articles just by attaching an interesting original photo to your article.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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