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Indie Author Day 2016 - Interview with Cindy Lynch

Updated on October 8, 2016

About the Author

Name (real or pen): Cindy Lynch

Genre(s): Young Adult, Chick-lit, General Fiction

Name(s) of the book(s) you’ve published and link(s) to purchase:

Bye For Now (book one in trilogy)

Even Willows Weep (book two in trilogy)

How long you have been a published author: I became a published author in August 2015.


The Interview

  1. What made you decide to become an indie author? What do you like to write about?

I decided to become an indie author when it seemed the task of finding a publishing house was to daunting.

2. How did you publish your first book?

I created my own publishing house called My Three Sons Publishing, LLC, and worked with to create my books.

3. Did you ever try to submit to traditional publishers? If so, what was your experience like?

I have not submitted to a traditional publisher yet. It seems very difficult and I just wanted to get my books out there. Doing it myself seemed so much faster.

4. How did you market your first book? Has your process changed with subsequent books?

Marketing has been a challenge for me. Word of mouth, social media, book clubs, bloggers interviewing indie authors and independent bookstores seem to work best for me right now. I have used a PR company to write a flowery statement about my books, but I’m not sure that has really generated any interest in my writing as of yet. I’m continuing to use these strategies the second time around, as well.

5. How do you support other indie authors?

I support indie authors by buying their work, reviewing their books on social media and by being apart of discussions on

6. What responses have you received from telling people that you are a writer?

The responses I get from people range from a look of surprise to “that’s cool” statements. A few times I’ve had people ask me how they can become a writer.

7. What or who has been your biggest support as an indie author?

My family and friends are my biggest supporters.

8. Quote from a positive review of your work.

It’s funny, I just received this message from a friend that read the first two books in my trilogy. Here are her thoughts.

“Words cannot describe what these books have meant to me and how they have made me feel. Happy, excited, afraid and have brought me to tears. Your writing is impeccable. The way you bring these books to life…I cannot describe in words.”


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