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Indie Book Review: The Albino Redwoods

Updated on July 18, 2014

Review at a glance:

  • A page turner that you WILL NOT want to put down.
  • A good message for people of all backgrounds, but especially those who never knew what it felt like to be put down just for the color of their skin.
  • Good editing. One or two typos, but I so glued to the story I quickly forgot about them.

The Albino Redwoods is the first book in Heather Nelson's Redwood series. It details a dystopian (for some, anyway) future in which history has been erased and the world is ruled, for lack of a better world, by its albino citizens that are now in the majority.

The book follows teenage Joey Brennan as she struggles to get by in a world where she is judged as she struggles to simply get through life in a world where she is viewed as less than human and even called a "pig" because of the color of her skin, hair, and eyes. Sound familiar?

It should.

The Albino Redwoods forces those who may not be a minority in the real world to step back and answer the question, "What would I feel like if I was treated like we've been treating them for centuries?" The book is an amazing lesson in empathy for people of all backgrounds at the same time that it's a fantastic and gripping tale that you literally won't want to put down.

And when I say literally, I really do mean "literally." I got this book when it was being offered for free for promotional purposes, and I had planned to just let it sit on my kindle and collect dust like so many other titles that I've procured by the same means. I was lounging around and got an itch to read something new, so I opened it up and got to reading. I'm so very glad I did, and I'll never just let a book sit around again for fear that I'll miss out on a great find again. I started this book in the afternoon and finished it at around five in the morning. Nope, I didn't go to sleep. It was that good, and you need to get your hands on a copy.

It's hard to review a book like this without giving too much away. The emotional rollercoaster The Albino Redwoods sent me on was the main reason I stayed up all night reading it. I don't want to spoil all of that for you, because I want you to go on the same ride as each new twist and turn slaps you in the face. What I will say however is that this book will make you mad. You'll cry tears of fury, anguish, and sorrow all at once. You'll rejoice with Joey when she achieves small victories, and you'll cry and rage with her when that temporary happiness is snatched away.

When you get to the ending you'll be itching for another fix and just dying to read the next installment--which unfortunately is still being written.

Have you read, "The Albino Redwoods?" What did you think?

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The Albino Redwoods is an emotional story full of rage and romance. You can pick up a copy to read on your kindle by clicking the book cover at the beginning of the article. The title is also available on Kindle Unlimited if you've got a subscription to that. A print version isn't available as of yet, but you can get kindle reading apps on all devices from smartphones to tablets, and even on your computer. If you like the book be sure to review it on Amazon to encourage Heather Nelson to get the sequel out. If you're anything like me, you'll just be dying to know what happens next.

Heck, you probably will even if you're nothing like me at all.


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    • Kennedi Brown profile image

      Kennedi Brown 3 years ago from Richlands, Virginia

      Glad you liked it :) It's a wonderful story and I wanted to get the word out.

    • profile image

      Tristine Toves 3 years ago

      Sounds interesting. I'll add it to my reading list.