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Inevitably Annoying

Updated on June 26, 2012
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Misunderstood from Femininelure Source:
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Inevitably Annoying

By Tony DeLorger © 2012

Inevitably I find myself in a quandary,

drawn to my fondest hopes,

yet dragged to reality, kicking and screaming,

my will contested, my heart deflated.

I am but the fulcrum of my life,

teetering one way and then the other,

forever in the balance between action and outcome,

questioning yet accepting the flow of life.

No matter how explored a path,

destinations are illusive dreams,

ever-changing and slipping through our fingers,

regardless of intention.

So often the results change,

and I have realised it is my perception that is off center,

leading to unrealistic conclusions,

and at times the desperate mutterings of a fool.

How broad I believe my vision,

when what I see is but a fragment,

a passing glimmer of the truth I so eagerly seek,

often disguised by the veil of my conscious will.

I am at least consistent in my folly,

my inevitable misunderstanding of me,

expecting my will to be placed at my feet,

the gift from a grateful universe.

I annoy me with careless abandon,

my trite and often blurred repartee,

a testament to my ignorance,

my blind and presumptuous conclusions.

After all I am human,

the primordial swill of potential and ineptitude,

given choices when decisions are barely embraced,

wanting and lost within the shroud of self.

Perhaps within all my ranting there is a glimmer,

a spark of hope on which I can cling,

in the knowledge that one day my sight may find mark,

and I a lowly solitary mind, will recognise a truth,

...and abide by it.


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