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Infinite Space

Updated on July 6, 2019

Chapter One: Birth

It's better to start from the first one when I was born. As my grandfather says, I was born in a stormy night in the hospital. Your grandfather said that the night was so strange that a heavy wind would come and he had to get my mother to me in the stomach very quickly in the hospital because it was time for me to come to the world. He would say that when he arrived at the hospital, he started the heavens It was raining, and I removed your mother from the car and went into the hospital, and several nurses took him to the operating room very quickly, seeing your mother, and they did not allow me to enter the operating room. It was very difficult at night, and I had a lot of stress and I constantly prayed, I asked God to not happen to you. Outdoors, this kind of thing got worse and worse, and the rain was intensifying. I walked up and down the window that was at the end of the hallway, when I got to the window, I could hear the sound of heavy rains falling into the window glass. The outside was so scary. Everywhere there was dark, there were many clouds in the sky that, from time to time, thunderstorms between them exchanged and illuminated the dark sky. I sat there next to the window on a chair and waited for me to look into the operating room without distracting me, which slowly fell off my eyes and fell into sleep.
After a few minutes, I woke up with someone's voice saying that you are the father of the child. I opened my eyes and saw that the doctor standing above me and asking me if I was the father of a child or not. As I heard this news, I got up and got to Dr. Gaven, yes, I am the father of the child. The doctor smiled and said: "Congratulations, both the child and the mother are healthy and healthy." I, when I heard this from the doctor's note, completely jumped out of my head, and I no longer felt any stress and fear; instead, I felt so happy that it felt so much in me that I turned the doctor off and told him, thank you very much to the doctor. I entered the surgery room with the doctor. After my arrival, I saw your mother throwing you down and asking you to do it. Soon I got close to you and took you from your mother and kept my hands. I was staring at the little and funny, and you also looked at me with beautiful blue glittering eyes. That night was one of my best nights. After the birth of your other sky, there was no more lightning and rain was cut off. The room inside the room was quite calm, as if everything was sitting quiet and only listened to your laughter, which suddenly sounded a tune-up of a quiet room. The doctor and nurses quickly went to your mother to look after him, but it was too late to stop working from the doctor or nurses. Your mother was no longer there. He left us.
Yea, my grandmother's son died after my birth, and I grew up without a mother, but my grandfather took care of me very well. He alone raised me and asked me to feel my mother's empty space, and that's how I was born. After years of growing older, my dad sent me to school. I had a great interest in space from the very childhood. To planets and stars, when I saw videos and programs that were related to space, I was very pleased with the TV. . I spent my entire childhood dream of going to space one day.
How many years have passed and I reached the age of 18. I received my diploma from high school and I signed up for military service as a pilot in the army because I liked flying and flying, and on the other hand, I had to learn a pilot to be able to get into space. I served for five years as a pilot in the air force, and I had only reached the final days of my service, only one day. On that last day I was going to the base on the sky I fly between the clouds at a very high altitude. You know it was very enjoyable, it was the only one and you were flying at high speed wherever you wanted. I had the best moments in the sky when I was sitting in the pilot's chamber and separated from the whole world. There was nobody disturbing me, just me, and the jet flying in the clouds for ourselves. That day, it was a strange day for everyone, they laugh at me and say that I was mad, but I know well what I saw. I was back on track, which was very close to me at the speed of a jet radar. It was strange for me until that time, no airliner was able to move with it. I looked around, but there was no trace of any means, and the radar of that object remained closer and closer. When I looked at my back, I saw a strange device that was moving fast. I quickly tilted the jet and went off the path to not hit that device. When that device was jet off, all the jet aircrafts malfunctioned, and for a moment I lost control of the jet and fell to the ground.
After a while, the jet turned on again and I could barely control it and fly. After I got the jet control again, I quickly went to that strange object, still showing the radar of that device. It seemed that it was no longer moving and standing in place because it did not strike at the radar. When I approached, I was very struck by what I was seeing. My head was dry, I stood the jet plane so I could easily see that strange thing.

I did not believe that the strange device was an advanced spacecraft and there was no sign, flag on the body to determine which country it was. I was just watching it suddenly that the spacecraft was moving very fast. Earned and went to space. The speed was so large that it disappeared at once, and only the cloudy massive massive shapes that were formed at the high speed behind it were visible. Meanwhile, the jet computer sounded that petrol was being throttled. And I realized that I had to go back to the base very quickly.
When I got back to the base, I saw the jet slowly on the runway and placed it in the hangar of the two jets, and went very fast to the office building. I was looking for a colonel in the building to report what I saw. After a few minutes of browsing, I was able to find him and told him everything, but he did not believe and said he was due to the pressure of the air. The colonel told me to go to the dormitory and rest a little until tomorrow I had the perfect energy for the office work that was due to finish my service. He told me this and proceeded very fast. I also went back to the dormitory and started collecting the items until tomorrow, I did not waste any time for this extra work.
I thought all night to that spacecraft that I wished I was on that spacecraft and went into space. On that day, I woke up and took my equipment that I had gathered yesterday and went to the office building to work. I was going to finish my service. It was afternoon that day, and I went to the office to get this and that signature. Summary I finally finished and finished the service and came out of the database. And I went to my father's house a long time ago, when I had not seen him, I was happy to see him wanting to see him after five years. I took a car from the base of the Air Force base to the nearest taxi station. From there, I took a car and came to the house. When I got home, my father saw that he just threw the key into the lock to open the door and enter the house. I got off the taxi very quickly and called my dad. My father looked at me when he heard my voice and came to my side so he tightened me so tight that I felt all my bones were broken. My dad was so glad to see me and my tears soaked all my eyes. I paid a taxi and took my seat from behind the car from the trunk and went home with my dad. The interior of the house had not changed anything and everyone The thing was five years ago when I went home. My dad sucked my gadgets and set off at the front door of the entrance door and went into the kitchen to bring tea to me. I sat on the front door of the television set and waited for my dad to come to the kitchen. My father was with a tray with two glasses of tea And he put a candle inside it out of the kitchen and came to me and took the tray in front of me. I took one of the glasses of tea and put it on the table that was on the floor. My dad was looking at me on that one sofa, as I realized that he had a lot of words to tell me but he just stared at me and he did not say anything, he did not even have tea. He was happy that his son was back but I just came to see him because I was supposed to attend the NASA astronaut tests that I held each year and I did not stay at home for a long time, but I did not come to tell my dad I did not want this pleasure from Get him I thanked my dad after eating tea. I picked up Sakem from the wall and went to my room and opened the room. I got into the room and threw my sack on my bed and sat down at the computer desk. I turned on the computer and waited for Vinur to go up and sign up at the NASA site after the rise of Windows inside the Internet. After completing the registration, I filled out the form for the astronaut and sent it to them. After this I got up at the computer desk and lay down on the bed. I was so tired because I went to bed very quickly. When I woke up, the air was dark. I got up from the bed and went to the computer. I checked my email and an email from NASA came to me. I opened it and started to read it. It was written in that e-mail (you were selected to participate in the astronaut tests, please bring it to NASA within ten days, along with the documentation.) Summary In a few days, I got to NASA, and there, after passing the test I could work very hard as astronaut.

© 2019 Matthew Almasi


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