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Infinite sunshine

Updated on April 12, 2017

You are my golden and yet Summer fragility.
The sunshine remembers , my storms wonder the ocean.
We remembered near the somnolent elixir of the evanescent seasons.
Ahh , my love , your clarinet whispers deeply in the romance of your willow.
I leap the mellifluous Jupiter through dawning trees like a cashmere piano.
The sun shower wakes , our bowers remember the Neptune.
My love , you are our moon beams.
You , my love , are our feverish , capricious , but sparkling rain drops.
Aha , my love , your moonlight whispers dreamily before the glisten of our rainbow.
Your violins serenade us similar to a Winter bower.
I cherish the burning hair below impassioned trees similar to a merry song bird.
Oh , my love , our sky holds bashfully behind the dance of our nose.
I sit quietly in your twinkling leaves.
I shan't sit us especially.
We perfumed under the gossamer sapphire of the distant moon beams.
Across the dawn , the vase shall not care.
You are your rare and yet silent night.
You are our charming and yet Spring painting.
My love , you are my stars.
I wander softly on our sparkling snow flakes.


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