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Updated on April 30, 2013

The is a true life thing; Oh! it happened to me... I have come across so many ungrateful people but the worst so far is one who is ungrateful and is a hypocrite as well.

He saw my cell number on an advert along the road then called me, he wanted work and is willing to work with me if i have a space in my firm for him, he also told me his problems, he needed a place to stay so i took him in, gave him where to stay and made sure that he had his meals then his step sister came along, she is pregnant and about to put to bed but needed support because her husband is late, he died in a mission in Sudan so i agreed to assist from delivery to taking care of the baby until she find herself capable of doing it.

Two months later...

Today she is not talking with me and the so called brother who made the first phone call is not talking to me as well. Both are still under my roof and under my care yet finds it hard to say good morning. I checked myself as a man to see if there is a place i offended these fellas but honestly,i did nothing wrong, we were all together a night before then in the morning,they frowned their faces.

Anyway, i am the one rendering the help not receiving so no matter what,they should have showed appreciation. He went at my back and blackmailed me,said things i never did or said just to gain favor from someone else who happened to be my friend. I heard of it and called him to order but he showed no remorse. It is now five days.

Where did i go wrong i asked

None could ascertain

Oh! God you see what is going on

It is not my making

You gave me the command

And i carried out my duty diligently

Although i cannot question you

But why these ingrates

Strangers i considered parts of me

My house a home i made available

Oh! God you gave me the command

And i carried out my duty diligently

I was there both in sickness and hunger

I served everything i had

But for my good deed

They rewarded me with evil

Tears have i not to shed

The contract is terminated

And the end will justify the means

It is not my fault in any way

As you prize so shall you pay

My quietness is my weakness and my strength

It is time to remind someone that i have teeth and can bite

I will not let it go just like that

A INGRATE: A lower class of human being, possessing a low I.Q, with a higher ability to irritate and generally piss you the hell off.


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