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Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Book Series Prelude

Updated on August 11, 2016

Come Back Each Month For the Next Part

DC comics has begun releasing a mini comic book series to play as a prequel to the new Injusice: Gods Among Us video game. I will breakdown each of those comics as they come out and tell you what happens in each one. As they come out I will edit and add the next comic.

Part One

This comic begins with a small prelude to the story based in the present time. This shows you, through Batman’s eyes, that the world we know has changed a lot since present day. Batman now lives in a world without crime, a world that is ruled by a “god”. Superman has taken power over this world and instilled fear into its inhabitants.

Skip back 5 years we find Clark Kent waking up in a stir at night with Lois Lane by his side. He is woken up by the most wonderful sound in the world; two heart beats coming from one person. He begins ranting about how the baby will be raised and that they should move before they’re interrupted by Lois’ phone. A pay off is going on at the docks and she has to go. He wants to go with her and protect the baby but she refuses.

Outside of star labs we find Batman fighting a few thugs while Superman hangs back watching. He tells him to meet him at the top once he is done. Superman announces he has news but Batman guesses that Lois is pregnant before he has a chance to tell.

We find Lois and Jimmy at the docks waiting for the payoff to begin. No one seems to be coming and Jimmy wants to leave but Lois keeps them there. They see someone walk in wearing a trench coat and a hat. Jimmy starts to take a picture before a gun is pointed right at him. The gun fires and shoots through the camera. Jimmy falls to the ground, dead. The Joker takes off his hat and reveals himself and Harley Quinn. “I got some Jimmy on my shoe,” he says comically.

The next morning Superman flies to the docks to check up on Lois to find Jimmy dead with the Jokers card next to him.

We find Batman in Star Labs. He is inspecting a break-in when the doctor comes in, informing him that they couldn’t call Superman. The scientists were expirementing with Kryptonite, not in an attempt to hurt Superman but in an attempt to find out if it had other powers. Batman begins to tell the scientist he wants a list of people that had access to the facility before Superman appears in the room. He is frantic about how he cannot see Lois. He hands Batman the Jokers card asking for his help. “He has her. Please help me. Find her.”

Batman calls in the Justice League, asking every member to come to Metropolis to search for a missing woman, one of them, Lois Lane. Green Arrow, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and Flash answer the call. Flash searches the entire city and he finds something. Picking up Batman he takes him to the scene of a crime. In what appears to be just a rundown building they find Crane, Scarecrow. He has in his hand a Star Labs bottle. Removing his mask they find his face deformed, pulled into a grin just like the Jokers.

Wonder Woman pages in telling Batman that she found someone that can help. She was at the docks when a man ran from her. Using her Lasso she bound him and he told her that the Joker was no longer in Metropolis, they ran away on a hijacked submarine.

Superman immediately finds the sub and pulls it out of the water. Ripping open the hull he flys in to find the Joker and Harley operating on Lois. A green gas overwhelms him and he begins to faint. Gaining his composure he looks up when someone calls his name. In front of him stands his greatest nightmare, Domsday! Spearheading the attack Superman grabs Doomsday and flies up as high as he can into the sky. The Joker and Harley use this opportunity to try to escape. Abandoning the submarine they begin to walk across the beach when they are stopped by the Green Lantern. Batman inspects the sub, looking for Lois, but he doesn’t find her inside. He asks the Joker where he took her and he simply tells him that he operated on her, she is the trigger. Batman tells Flash to check the submarine to see if the warhead is still there. Joker tells him not to bother, it isn’t there. “When her heart stops, every heart in Metropolis stops, too.”

Batman frantically tries to tell Superman to stop. The fear toxin that Scarecrow uses was manipulated by the Joker to include Kryptonite. Superman was under the influence of a halucinagen. What he’s seeing isn’t real. Up in space Superman finally stops and lets Doomsday slowly float away from him. “Did you know she was pregnant?” the Joker asks Batman before Batman punches him across the face. Superman, out in space, finally realizes what he has done. Before him he sees Lois, dead. “And then, two heartbeats coming from one person – stop beating.” With her death a bomb is triggered, blowing up in the center of Metropolis….

To Be Continued…

Part Two

Part two of our story begins in the interrogating room with Batman and Joker. The Joker explains why he chose to attack Superman and take away his wife and unborn child. He states that it’s the same reason he beat a puppy to death with a kitten last week, “you can’t beat that warm glowing feeling inside.” The Joker grew tired of always playing with Batman and losing. He decided this time to play on easy mode for a bit.

Flash and Green Lantern clear out the outlying area of Metropolis for survivors while Superman is in Metropolis at its center. In that level of radiation only he can truly handle it, but Wonder Woman still pays him a visit. She helps him understand that Lois didn’t die because of him, it was the Joker’s doing. Passing Lois’ dead body over to Wonder Woman he asks her to keep Lois safe. He has something he has to do.

On his way back Superman runs into Green Lantern. He asks him where they took the Joker and Green Lantern tells him Gotham Prison. He tells Superman he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to act now while he is hurt and angry. He uses his ring to contain him. Superman asks him to let him free and when Lantern doesn’t free him he breaks through his containment and continues towards Gotham.

Back in the prison the Joker asks Batman what he thinks Superman will become. After Batman lost everything he became an “all-punching all-kicking little ball of angst. What do you think Superman will become?” Batman believes that Superman cannot be corrupted while Joker just laughs. “He will grieve. But he will stay one of the best men I know.” Batman didn’t realize how wrong he would be though. Breaking through the prison wall Superman grabs Joker and plunges his hand through his chest.

Harley Quinn, after hearing the news of her “Puddin” dying on the police radio as she was being escorted to prison, breaks free of her bonds and kills both cops in the car. Heading back to Dumb Joe’s Novelty Jokes she puts on her old costume when Green Arrow enters. She toys around with him for a moment before he shoots her with a net arrow and carries her away. Using a gas arrow he knockes her out and takes her back to his “Arrow Cave”. He handcuffs her to a pole and leaves her there. Before he leaves though she explains to him that she knew Joker was bad for her, but he was still “hers”.

Back in Fortress of Solitude Superman hears all of the news as it goes on. News of the City of Tomorrow destroyed in a devastating explosion, reports of Superman killing Joker, and News of Bialya under constant bombing that is resulting in thousands of deaths. After hearing this Superman decides that he will no longer put up with all of this. Flying to the city of Gared in Bialya he rescues a boy from death before heading to the capital building. Demanding to see the president he grabs him by his shirt and flies him out into the street. Ripping off his shirt he is about to turn him over to the people when Wonder Woman appears. She brings him to his senses with all of the cameras around. Tells him that if he wants to address the people he needs to do it right. Admitting she is correct he flies off with the BIalya President. As he leaves Wonder Woman says, “I will call a press conference at the United Nations. And you will say what I’ve been waiting to hear since I first met you.”

After cleaning the Jokers blood from his hand, shaving and cleaning up he arrives before the United Nations with the Bialya President still in hand. He tells the people he is sorry. He failed them. He tells them that his real name is Clark Kent. He was a reporter for the Daily Planet and he always spent his time writing about evil in the world. As a superhero he spent his time reacting to evils already perpetrated. He refuses to live like that any longer. He will not let monsters roam free among them any longer. He presents the Bialya President before the people, telling them of this man’s acts, using his weapons against his own people. He calls for an immediate world wide ceasfire. He doesn’t care what country you’re from or who you are – citizen, terrorist or even President – he will not let the death of innocent lives continue. If you don’t willingly stop, he will find you and stop you personally.

To Be Continued…

Part Three

(I wasn't able to find as many clips for the third one, sorry...)

We begin this comic in a Drone Command Center in Nevada. We find a man controlling a drone in another country. He fires a missile down into the city, but the missile never hits the ground. The commander asks the man controlling the drone to bring up all the cameras. When he brings up the camera we see Superman and he flies right through the drone.

We go now to the President in a room full of other people, councilmen and Generals. They conclude that Superman is committing treason fighting against his government. He has already killed someone on American soil without punishment, and he has infiltrated Bialya and destroyed their efforts. The President accepts that something must be done, but what can they do?

Their only option is not to take out Superman but to take out his family. A secret group of “assassins” (soldiers) break into the Kent house to kidnap Martha and Jon Kent. Fighting till the end Kent takes out a couple of the soldiers before they are both brought down and taken away. The soldiers escape inside of a mirror while the Kent house burns around them. Superman flies to the house as fast as he can but he is too late. The lead soldier chastises Superman from inside the mirror, informing him that there is no way to get back his parents. The only thing Superman can do is stop what he is doing with his revolution. If he doesn’t stop they will start sending him small pieces of his parents as an incentive.

Wonder Woman draws together the Justice League inside their Watchtower as it circles the planet. She tells everyone that they have all lost people in the tragic bombing, but they cannot stop to mourn. Superman has been doing the opposite of that, he has been fighting. She tells them that his parents were taken last night in response to everything that he has been doing. She knows that they are doing this because someone wants to make sure they know their place. She believes in Superman and although what he has been doing lately can be questioned by most people, she still chooses to help. Everyone chooses to stand behind Superman and Wonder Woman to help save his parents. They know that Mirror Master was the leader of this group that took his parents. Flash is tasked with finding the Rogues who will know where McCulloch went. The Justice League goes after the Rogues and eventually gets Citizen Cold to talk and tell them that he is most likely in “Worlds End” a bar in Keystone City.

The Justice League goes to the bar and finds Mirror Master in the back room. Flash and Wonder Woman trick him and get him to confess that Superman’s parents are in Bolivia, in the Salar De Uyuni. Flash takes Mirror Master’s belt and takes it to Superman who uses it to enter the largest natural mirror in the world.

Next we find the President as he is informed by his General that the plan failed, Superman found his parents and saved them. Their one plan has failed. He enters his room alone but is approached by Batman who calls him an idiot for taking the man’s parents. The President thinks he is untouchable; the Justice League wouldn’t harm the President, he is protected by the public perception. Batman informs him that he isn’t safe from a superhuman who could easily leave his dead body on Saturn, never to be found again. He tells the President that now he has not only failed but he has united the Justice League behind Superman. With that much power Superman can do anything he wants, he can finally bring about peace. But power corrupts…

Wonder Woman takes point on the front to bring peace across Earth. She singlehandedly stops a small battle before it is able to head into Qurac. Even though she wants to bring about peace, she loves war. On the battlefield she is met by Ares. He has come to watch her as she fights for peace. She takes down the small army without killing a single person or harming anyone. As the last man retreats Ares tells her she is too merciful. He asks her if she intends to take her place, to lie in bed with him. She simply tells him that Lois was an incredible woman. She will let him grieve and then she will be whatever he needs her to be. Wonder Woman then realizes that Ares fears her union with Superman. What would the God of War do in a world without conflict? She mocks him by asking him what he could be if there wasn’t war, Ares the God of Ponies! He attacks her, telling her to remember who she is speaking to. She tries to defend herself but he is fueled by war. He knows that he must kill her now before their union is official. Before he is able to do anything Superman comes in and punches Ares, breaking the spike off from his helmet. He lies on the ground, defeated by the Man of Steel. Wonder Woman cuts off his hand and takes it from him telling him he can have it back once he can be trusted. Ares tells Wonder Woman that he will be there the day her baby is born and he will stop its first breath. Taking her sword she draws back and plunges the blade into his chest. Superman is shocked by her brutality but she informs him that it is more difficult to kill a God than that. He is not dead, he has just faded away. It ends with Ares explaining his fear of their union. Superman and Wonder Woman together pose a threat because she lacks the restraint that he has. She will do what he cannot. And if she is able to take away his restraing, the world could not fight against that. In a world that cannot fight, what would the God of War become?

To Be Continued…


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