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Inner Feud

Updated on March 22, 2017

What's wrong? I gave love. Yet, I can never understand, why am I not happy?

That was the last thing he always thought before tucking himself into bed. He had everything, anything anyone could ever want. Nevertheless, all around him were shallow. Shallow, yet he was drowning on it.

You're young; don't. Don't ever trap yourself in the thought that happiness can be found..

He was awakened by the words. Slowly, he curved in, hugging himself. He didn't get it. He accepted he never would. How could he?! Those words meant to inveigle him in silhouettes forever. He's still trying to free himself from the curse everyone before, had.

I am no kid. I am no young. I am no bold. I need no preaching. I know things now. I am me. I am free. I am a soul after all.

However he was scared. Would he be for eternity? He knew he's being devoured by darkness he build within himself. But no! He was going to straighten when sleeping. No more slouching like a cute scared baby.

Huh! I am young?! At least I know what makes a human happy. Love. Love is always the answer. I could always get by with LOVE. Love is always going to save me.

He stood up, leaving the mess of his pure bed, crumpled like his mind. The wind touched the bare of his face, then suddenly all the valiance in his psyche went away with it. It was like the wind had brought more maelstrom inside. Like the ghost and voice in his room melt away with the great fear the wind has gifted the boy.

It's the war!

Glued his feet on the coldness of the floor, here comes the pandemonium. His hands moved on their own, finding their way to both his ears. Now, he was battling with his own senses. Why couldn't he remove them on it?!

No! No! No! Not this war again! Not this again! She told me she loves him! She told me that!

"Why are they fighting, then?" He was startled by the voice.

"Mom wants to work. Dad never let her.", he was more shocked when he found himself answering. No. I am not insane.

"Is love enough?"

He pretended he didn't hear anything. He let his hands cupped his ears.

For love is shallow without respect. For peace is attainable with respect. For harmony is the second name of respect.

Love won't ever be enough.


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    • profile image

      Maria 6 months ago

      Nice one. Although the words seems confusing.