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Inner Itch

Updated on July 22, 2012

There's an inner itch.
Not seen by
the eyes.
Impossible to Scratch

Well hidden
from the hand
but fresh
in the mind.
It rest
in the bosom
of man.

Its the rememberance
of passed wrongdoings.
The pain
of the conscience
calling the past
back to life.

How to overcome?
What retribution
pays back.
To bear
the weight
of its sentence.

Where's the path
of escape?
The relief
of the repented soul.


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    • profile image

      Open Heart 5 years ago

      Thank Yahweh for your kind words. They're sincerely appreciated and welcomed. It is a joy to work in our craft, our gift and our calling.

    • Little Leaf profile image

      Little Leaf 5 years ago from paragould, ar

      I love your writing technigue. It has such an easy flow to it, like your words aren't forced at all. And what you chose to write about is something that we can all relate too.

    • profile image

      SamanthaMiller11 5 years ago

      this is incredible and beautiful. I completely get this poem.