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Inner Lies

Updated on February 11, 2013

Sometimes the struggle takes more struggling

Over and over

I avoid my own question:

Why does my life never change?

Pretending my world is as I see it

unable to allow my mind

to comprehend what it needs

refusing truths

denying reality

and ignoring the possibility

that the path I’ve chosen

may be wrong


takes the form of teardrops

as a tired look within

discovers insanity

(even though it feels like it’s not)

So lost in my own world of illusion

disguising losses as victories

A subconscious conscious self-destruction

as the time my life has been consumed by

becomes the time my life has been complicated by

I thought I had found the way

to become a stronger person

I wanted to believe

I was becoming a stronger person

but in this world

deep beneath my skin

I gave up on trying to be


a long time ago.


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