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Inner battle

Updated on March 11, 2017


The secret that the lips kept,
Revealed the eyes, that entire night wept,
The decision that was made by will,
The heart protested, when the night laid still,

The heart which for love would starve,
Into a statue of hatred, the silence would carve,
The cut marks on his arms, still red,
Revealed the fate of person, witnessing loneliness dread,

The guy who now on seeing every girl, gives a smile crook,
He hides behind him a guy, while talking to girls whose hands shook,
The girl who now every boy used,
Hides behind a girl, who by her lover was abused,

The artist who love as lie portrayed,
Hides an innocent soul, severely betrayed,
On the topic of love those who most severely rattle,
Are those who after betrayal, conquered their selves, won their inner battle...


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