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Innocence Flows

Updated on June 16, 2015

Innocence Flows

Innocence Flows

Roy Blizzard III © 6-16-2015

A time to laugh, a time to play,
A time of beauty, a time of love,
Youth is a gift we fail to hold,
As innocence flows like water.

Drop by drop it slips away,
With each day we live and play,
What we see and what we do,
The innocence flows like water.

Year by year the emptiness grows,
Why must we grow old and die?
But Why can’t be answered until that day,
The innocence flows like water.

We grow old step by step,
Losing life lie by lie,
Life you see is that which we fail to see,
As innocence flows like water.

Roy Blizzard III


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 23 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Well written poem, and very true words Roy. A nice read.

    • Muses on Life profile image

      Samantha Lim 23 months ago

      Great portrayal of the ebb and flow of life. Thanks for sharing. Voted up

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