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Insane Crow

Updated on January 10, 2014

Exploration of a New Poetry Format

So, I was trying to compose a poem about a crow but quickly became stuck. I knew that I had a couple of elements that I wanted, but I really couldn't get them to tie together. Then, by happy circumstance, I found a hub written by Daisy Mariposa entitled "Poetry Forms". It can be found here.

In her very informative hub, Daisy outlined a plethora of poetry forms, many of which were new to me. One that stood out used the Fibonacci sequence-based form poem. I won't go into detail to explain it in this hub. I encourage readers to read Daisy's piece in order to learn about it.

Anyway, since I very much consider myself a math geek, I applied this newly-learned form to go back to my in-a-rut poem idea. After reworking the theme and imagery, I came up with a poem that effectively used the form, as least in theory. I guess the "effective" part, in regards to creativity and imagery, is determined by you, the readers. I hope you enjoy it.

Crow | Source

Insane Crow



crow caws

far away,

casting doom for all

that doubt its loud fore-bearings.

- only in the insanity can the sapient survive -

Insane Crow
Insane Crow | Source

© 2013 Charles Dawson


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