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Third-Year Online Writer Reflects and Recommits

Updated on September 22, 2021
MsDora profile image

For over a decade, Ms. Dora has been sharing poetry, creative writing, positive quotes, and reflections online. Her aim is life enrichment.

On my third anniversary as an online writer, my growth objective is similar to that of a three-year old:

  • “What is important is not how [she] compares with others or with a standard for her age, but that she is moving forward at her own pace and that she is well and happy.”1

So I am committed to moving forward, learning from some other writers who are ahead of me in writing age and talent, building on my strengths and remedying my weaknesses. There is nothing I would rather do than write. I begin my new year reflecting on and renewing five basic features which are important to my writing.

"I visualize myself exploring ideas and themes in various walks of life."
"I visualize myself exploring ideas and themes in various walks of life." | Source

1. My Profile

MsDora the Writer-Explorer is my full name description on my landing page. Influenced by the Nickelodeon character, Dora the Explorer, I visualize myself in the writing world, embarking on new adventures, exploring ideas and themes in various walks of life. I want to share the knowledge and insights which I gain, as well as the fun or horror I experience in the process. I want my readers to expect something interesting, insightful and well-crafted. I want my readers to profile me as a writer who shares clear, practical ideas which help them to maintain joyful, satisfied living.

2. My Purpose

Three years ago, the number of assignments from a temporary placement agency began to dwindle. In my frustration, I googled “Writing for Pay.” Three days later, I posted my first article. By the end of the first year, I realized that the pay could not be my primary reason for being an online writer; but the habit had already become a feel-good catharsis.

As the number of readers increased, and some of them repeatedly made comments, I began to feel loved and appreciated. I felt obligated to share my heart with them as purposefully as I would with friends who sat and chatted with me. I still yearn to be true to my claim in my original profile description “My articles explore healthy relationships, positive living, morality and other life challenges.”

On this my third anniversary, I recommit to staying on course and to focus on self-improvement, in order to deliver effectively to the satisfaction of my readers.


3. My Power

It is amazing that the words I write may be the words someone reads first on rising in the morning or last before going to bed at night. My words can influence someone’s dream, decision or direction. Such is the power that writers hold in their pens.

There is a comment on my article, The Perfect Gift to Say ‘I Love You’ which gives me joy about this kind of power. It was contributed by a young man writing about his fiancée. It encourages me because it reveals a practical, measurable outcome from my article:

She wears the same pair of socks to bed every night (jammy socks) because she says they make her feel happy. Those were my first gift to her. Thanks a lot for this post MsDora. Those socks were your idea :)

Such comments remind me that word power comes with the responsibility to write something true, something useful, something inspiring. No matter the tone, honesty and personal conviction are fundamental to the writer’s power.

4. My Peers

Life is about relationships. One privilege of online connections is that they allow us as much physical space as we want. Friends do not come knocking when we’re taking a nap.

As in any other area of life, the Golden Rule applies in our interaction with our online peers. We are expected to give the respect and support that we like for ourselves, to make positive contributions to our networking groups.

Most of the time, I enjoy and learn from the work of my fellow-writers, and the encouragement of my readers who leave comments. I am sincere when I express gratitude to God and to them for the opportunity to communicate with people who share my interest. Living alone most of the time, I do not take this privilege for granted.

Moving forward, I intend to make twice as many friends. My aim is to add another 100 articles by the end of my fourth year. That would be a major improvement for me but three year olds have great imaginations!

Credit: Mahesh
Credit: Mahesh | Source

5. My Projections

The power of words was mentioned above, but here the focus is on the expectation, going forward.

What else do I have to write about?
Who else do I want to read what I write?
How do I want my readers to be affected?

Barrie Davenport2 reminds us of Randy Pausch, professor at Carnegie Mellon University who, knowing that he was dying from pancreatic cancer, wrote The Last Lecture? In September 2007, the professor wrote his speech specifically for his three children. He died at age 47 in July 2008. By then six million people, including me, had been inspired by his speech.

Davenport suggests that we write with the seriousness of knowing that our time is limited. He is not suggesting a morbid mood, but rather that we can be motivated by the desire to write everything we want to say, to all people we want to read our message, if we imagine that our time is limited—and it is!

This advice, for me, is greater motivation than the goal of a certain number of articles, a certain number of accolades, and a certain amount of money. What matters most hereafter, is that I write what I have to say. The topic may be as simple as "Why I Love to Smile" or as serious as "The Next World War." I need to keep writing, and I plan to, as long as I am able.

Let Randy Pausch Motivate You

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1. Child and Youth Health: Child Development 3-4 years (visited 05/26/2014)

2. Davenport: Barrie: Write to Done, Write to Serve: Giving Deeper Meaning to Your Craft (visited 05/28/2014)

© 2014 Dora Weithers


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