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Key to Business Success Quotes: Entrepreneurs Motivation

Updated on August 24, 2015
Famous Business Success Quotes
Famous Business Success Quotes

Quotes on Motivation for Success

Read carefully these inspirational quotes for business and work success and don't worry just because you are at the 'baby steps' stage in your business. Guess what, you need those steps to grow. Remember, every multinational corporation or business out there had to do some 'baby steps' at some point in their journey. All you need to do to facilitate the growth process is the right information; strategies and action grow healthy, devoid of costly mistakes, and grow successfully.

Famous business success quotes:

  1. The reality of the world is that there are successful men and there are ordinary men. There are doctors who own houses and there are doctors who don't own anything... our societies are not responsible for how people manage their lives.
  2. Success is the satisfaction of the heart, achievement.... not necessarily material gains...but contribution towards the society as far as the talent is concerned.
  3. Wealth is created by people who find ways to earn not just saving their earnings. Interestingly these same people go to the banks to take the savers' cash to embark on businesses that earn them more. The savers only get a pittance on their savings by way of interest, which ends up being taxed as well but the wealth creator's turn out huge profits.
  4. Success is the degree of social contribution in the field of expertise, where you perform/work and change lives, inspire more and transform societies.
  5. Life can only offer so much, you are the only one who can determine how much of that will be yours.
  6. Let your thoughts be shaped by the right core beliefs and values, in everything you do. Because they affect the way you see things and how you positively respond to issues.
  7. There is nothing called failure known to me; all you think is failure is the God’s formula to my prowess and success.
  8. In business you've got to make your word count. Even if you agree to offer something for free. Because it’s not about the offer, it’s about the promise, your word. Because trust is built on honoring your word every time you promise.
  9. Change your attitude to money and wealth and you will be smiling your way to a greater and better financial future.
  10. The biggest frustration of living in small towns is that we have to wait for people in bigger cities do the things we come up with first, because brands and local business are too scared or conservative to do new things.
  11. Making others responsible for the motivation and drive to be the best is limiting to say the least. Everyone needs some level of self motivation and personal drive to spring into action and do whatever it takes to perform to their maximum potential and ensure success.
  12. Learn to put a value before price in your day to day activities. You will be amazed how much easier it will be in making great choices in your life and business.
  13. In every moment there is a time to sacrifice a little bit more if you want to make your idea a reality or take your existing business to the next level.
  14. The secret to exceptional success in business is in understanding you, your business, your customers and employing the right strategies with a purposeful effort to make it work.
  15. Successful people make time for people, activities and events that matters in their journey. Under the same guise, successful business people make time for events, strategies and activities that matters to their profitability and growth.
  16. If you truly want to prosper and become wealthy you must upgrade from just being a saver to become an earner.

A Quote to Remember.

Continue to keep up the work, it is all paying off. It does not matter who does not believe in you, continue to believe in yourself. Everything happens for a reason; just know that there is always a reason.

steve jobs business quotes
steve jobs business quotes

Motivational poem for you!

I will be known for something special,
I will be known for something good,
I will be known for beating the odds,
When NO ONE thought I could...

Motivational Business Lessons

  • To accelerate your business and get it new level surround yourself with like minds those that have broken ground or moving towards that direction. Detach yourself from those that will hinder your growth or deter you from achieving the task at hand. Starting a business can be challenging and you will have times where you get discouraged and want to give up but DON'T!!! By aligning yourself with the right type of people it will motivate you to push even harder.
  • When it comes to my business, I work extremely hard for it is my passion, livelihood. And most of all I'm doing something I love. But the main thing keeps me inspired & motivated to keep progressing is my children. I want to lead by example and show my children "Anything is POSSIBLE".
  • When it comes to growing a successful business it is essential that the foundation is laid properly. This is where you devote a lot of my time. Although you may not appear as visual as you should. The ground work is equally as important. But within the next couple of months you can easily plan on being more visual.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Money only impresses lazy woman... when a woman works hard... a man with money is a bonus.. not a ladder for financial gain.

    • profile image

      Julia Bartelt 

      7 years ago

      A moment of transparency: I'm always tickled at people who are pretentious. Mostly because they assume that because they are, everyone else is, too. WRONG! Remember the saying "real recognizes real"? That is still true. When you're "pretending" to be something you will always be exposed by your lack or progress because bragging doesn't make ideas come to fruition. When you're real about who you are, your life and accomplishments, you don't have to brag. And anything you say eventually comes to pass. Other real people see that in you and want to associate with you as a result. But pretentious (fake) people don't see it because they are too busy talking about themselves to notice. Then because they're busy talking, instead of working, they assume real people are not working. WRONG again. So when I post something on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., whether it's from three years ago or today, whether it's tangible right now or not, it's 100% REAL. Whether it takes me 5 seconds to complete or 5 years, believe that it will exist. I don't say anything that I'm doing as a brag about how awesome I am, although I'm pretty awesome My purpose is to share information, encourage others, create opportunities and make some money while I do it. Real people "get" that. So when I dismiss someone from my world completely, it's not my fault, it's theirs. They exposed themselves as pretentious (fake) and I just don't need to tolerate that from anyone. Especially when there are so many real people around handling their busy that I can align with instead. So if you're a businessman or business woman, handle your business, man. Because this is not a game. And I'm not fake about anything. I don't need to be. I'm so blessed I lose sleep from all the blessings I'm getting from the seeds I've planted. Only real people have those kind of problems.


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