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Inspirational Poem #13 Decision

Updated on July 16, 2011

He shape himself through his decisions
That shapes his environment
He shape the choice that is inside him
Without being guide into

Choice is within your own thoughts
Your own decision is what you decide
Whatever you decide is what you bought

If making bad choice was what you decide
Your closet will be full of skeleton inside
Don’t be surprise…remember you are the one that decide

If making good choice was what you decide
Flower are blooming
Please enjoy your ride

Decision is the choice that you make
Whether tough or easy
Or right or wrong
Please make your decision wise and strong

Quote: ~ Impossible problem is hard to solve, wise decision made it work after all. It is your choice to choose and decide what to bring in your life. Be wise and alert with whatever choice you decide. Your choice or decision is what that show what you truly are more than your ability. Let say, you have two path in front of you, there is a left and a right, you would have to decide what path would you want to cross over. Whatever you decide shows about you than what you could do. ~


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