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Inspirational Poem #26 Friendship

Updated on July 17, 2011

A real friend of wisdom, faith, and trust

The one that could run to
The one that could lean on
The one that could express your feeling when things in life went wrong

The day when rain fall outside
The day when storms become strong
A friend were the person who came along
And shield you from the ongoing storm

They put your smile back on your face
To make you feel everything is okay
And their compassion of friendship
Made you feel happy
And these were some things that treasure your friendship memories

Quote: ~ A value of friendship is like a treasure. A treasure that live on with great memories. No need of any expectation or any value of money because true friends is a friend that you cannot buy. ~


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    • apurva joshi profile image

      apurva joshi 6 years ago from INDIA

      beautifully written ... each and every word is true.... friendship is all about caring sharing and loving