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Inspirational Poem #34 Hate

Updated on July 19, 2011

Don’t hate me by the color of my skin
But do hate me for who I am

Don’t hate me because my wealth
But do hate me for killing someone else

Don’t hate me the way I look
But do hate me from my attitude

There are reason to hate
And there is reason not too
But whatever it is, it has to be for a good reason

Quote: ~ Everyone have something to hate and something to love. Sometime people hate things for a wrong reason and hate things for a good reason. Hate paralyze a life and it traumatize it too. When hate creates a wound…love is the only thing for it to heal.~


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      Ghost32 6 years ago

      Hate is (as I see it, anyway) the ultimate waste. That doesn't mean I don't work as hard as possible to improve life on planet Earth where I can...but dark emotion just makes the task more difficult, so why bother?

      That does not mean DETERMINATION is not worthwhile. A wanton killer, as you referenced in your poem, needs to be opposed and stopped. But..hated? All hatred does is sap my own energy and bring me down to the level of those I oppose.