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Inspirational and Insightful Quotations #4 --- Smiles

Updated on September 26, 2015

Quotations on Smiles

My motto is to make two smiles grow where one grew before and I am hoping all the smiles in the world will have a picnic on your face.

---Percy R. Knickerbocker, El Paso Herald, El Paso, Texas, Feb. 1, 1919.

A smile is the blossom of joy in grace.

---Bernard H. Nadal, The Evening Telegraph, Philadelphia, Pa., July 1, 1867.

Be a smile specialist.

---J. Marvin Nichols, Gainesville Daily Sun, Gainesville, Fla., Aug. 24, 1907.

The day's mile can be shortened by prefixing an "s" to it.

-‑‑B.C. Forbes, Forbes Magazine, New York, N.Y., May 8, 1928.

You simply cannot be down in the mouth with the corners of your mouth turned up.

—Wickes Wamboldt, Waycross Journal-Herald, Waycross, Ga., Oct. 24, 1944.

Smiles along the pathway of life are like the stars along the pathway of night‑‑they brighten the world for us and they lend us courage.

-‑‑Harriot Russell, Houston Daily Post, Houston, Texas, Oct. 6, 1916.

Don’t forget that the smiles that spread sunshine are the ones that make everybody warm up to you.

---Earl L. “Jack” Sampson, Williamson Daily News, Williamson, W. Va., Aug. 14, 1948.

Better one smile on the face than a dozen you can swallow.

---Frank Hilton Greer, Oklahoma State Capital, Guthrie, Okla., Aug. 2, 1909.

The nicest thing about a smile is that people remember it after it’s gone.

---John Merrill Chilcote, St. Joseph News-Press, St. Joseph, Mo., Jan. 9, 1969.

It takes less muscular activity to smile than to frown. Why do the extra work?

---John Wesley Holland, Lima Recorder, Lima, N.Y., May 27, 1937.

A smile never wears out if it is worn pleasantly, and it is always in good style.

---William Jennings Bryan, Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. 21, 1910.

The smile wins. And the quickest way to get one on your lips is to cultivate one in your heart.

---Hazen Conklin, The Evening World, New York, N.Y., Nov. 2, 1914.

Drive away the clouds with smiles; face the cares of the day with a song.

---William Nelson Potter Dailey, Christian Intelligencer, New York, N.Y., July 21, 1920.

Have a smile on your face, not in your face.

---Tom Murray, Chicago Eagle, Chicago, Ill., June 27, 1903.

The man who saves his smiles until fortune smiles may frown all his life.

---William J. Burtscher, The Bee, Earlington, Ky., Aug. 24, 1905.

Of all things you wear, your expression is the most important.

---Chelsea H. “C.H.” Kelley, Williamson Daily News, Williamson, W. Va., Nov. 1, 1950.

A smile ought to be the normal activity. I mean the smile of the heart rather than on the face. The face will take care of itself if we take care of the heart.

‑‑‑Eldridge B. Hatcher, Baptist Message, Shreveport, La., Oct. 25, 1934.

Misery is the present memory of things past and happiness is made up of smiling yesterdays.

---Sumner T. Martin, Omaha Daily Bee, Omaha, Neb., Jan. 7, 1901.

Our facial muscles were made for smiling; we strain and distort them with frowning.

---Edmund J. Kiefer, Buffalo Courier-Express, Buffalo, N.Y., Nov. 4, 1958.

Smiling lengthens the mouth and the life in equal proportion.

---Elijah Powell Brown, Duluth Evening Herald, Duluth, Minn., Oct. 16, 1897.

Be cheerful and optimistic, avoiding foolish frivolity. Then there will be no need of borrowing a smile that will not fit the face.

---Nellie F. Whitfield, The Oklahoma Christian, Guthrie, Okla., Oct. 5, 1899.

One thing you can wear and never worry about its being out of fashion is a smile.

‑‑‑Phil H. Armstrong, Florida Times‑Union, Jacksonville, Fla., May 8, 1925.

A smile is a legal tender in all countries.

---Lew B. Brown, Evening Independent, St. Petersburg, Fla., Oct. 30, 1911.

Smile at people and they smile back. Frown and they look the other way.

---C.H. Browne, Madison County Monitor, Twin Bridges, Mont., Dec. 2, 1921.

A smile is a wrinkle that shouldn’t be removed.

—Floyd W. Casebolt, The Ennis Daily News, Ennis, Texas, Nov. 1, 1961.

The only smile that helps rises in the heart.

‑‑‑Henry F. Cope, Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Ill., Aug. 8, 1909.

Time has no tape that can measure smile‑‑it fades not, even at the end of eternity.

‑‑‑John W. Dodge, Tampa Sunday Tribune, Tampa, Fla., April 17, 1932.

We have not really gone the second mile until we have gone with a smile.

---Roy L. Smith, Christian Advocate, Chicago, Ill., Jan. 13, 1944.

A smile is an asset—a frown a liability.

---Edson R. Waite, Waycross Journal-Herald, Waycross, Ga., June 18, 1935.

Smiles, like beaming eyes, speak louder than words.

—Frank Francis, Ogden Standard-Examiner, Ogden, Utah, July 16, 1930.

Smile if things go wrong. The other fellow may need it more than you.

-‑‑Lawrence Nelson Fox, Religious Herald, Richmond, Va., Jan. 2, 1930.

One of the first evidences of love‑‑that love which comes from the heart‑‑is the optimism of a smile. A smile will do more to bolster spirits and help others with their problems than a dozen words of sympathy.

‑‑‑John E. Gillespie, Jr., Millenial Star, London, England, Oct. 12, 1939.

The radiant face is the sign of a happy heart. The latter is a joy to one's self, while the former is a blessing to others.

‑‑‑B.J.W. Graham, Christian Index, Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 28, 1916.

A smile is like a sunbeam–a frown is a thunderstorm. A smile means interest–a frown means discount.

---Arthur Growden, The Daily Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, Miss., Aug. 12, 1926.

Smile for exercise; it will strengthen the muscles of good humor.

---Earl Riney, Church Management, Cleveland, Ohio, January 1945.

A smile firms up the muscles of your face by automatically exercising them.

--‑Marilyn Miller, Austin American, Austin, Texas, July 16, 1922.

Smiles bring out the latent energies within us as the water reveals the bright colors in the stone which it flows over.

‑‑‑R.B. Moore, San Antonio Register, San Antonio, Texas, Nov. 6, 1931.

Nobody can estimate the value of a smile. It goes a long way in business, in society, in every relation of life. It is more powerful than disease, more potent than disaster. It dissipates clouds and lifts up drooping spirits both for him who wears it and for those who see it. We are not talking about forced smiles, but smiles that come from the deep calm all down inside. Such smiles are inestimable in value. Their price is beyond rubies. Just a few more of them would make [the community] a better place to live in than it is. Just a few of them would brighten up the whole round world for they are wonderfully contagious and irresistibly penetrating.

‑‑‑Burris A. Jenkins, Kansas City Post, Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 28, 1919.

A smile is the bud and a laugh is the full bloom.

‑‑‑The Chicago Daily News, Chicago, Ill., Aug. 20, 1918.

A smile is the best handshake in the world.

‑‑‑Chinook Opinion, Chinook, Mont., June 23, 1949.

All the world's a camera--look pleasant, please.

---Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle, Clarksville, Tenn., Aug. 30, 1926.

The smile is a triumphant banner.

‑‑‑Galveston Daily News, Galveston, Texas, Oct. 21, 1894.

Smile. A frozen look doesn't cut much ice.

--‑Indiana Farmer's Guide, Huntington, Ind., Feb. 18, 1922.

Be a smile‑maker.

‑‑‑Louisville Herald, Louisville, Ky., Jan. 1, 1906.

The best luck piece we've ever seen a man wear was a smile.

-‑‑Utah Farmer, Salt Lake City, Utah, Dec. 10, 1933.

A smile is the rainbow of the face.

‑‑‑Youth's Companion, Boston, Mass., Aug. 6, 1857.

Get a smile in your voice.

—Frank Crane, The Chicago Daily News, Chicago, Ill., Aug. 15, 1918.

Don’t put on a smile when your face has to lie to do it.

—D.A. Brown, Salt Lake Herald, Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan. 1, 1908.

Smiling lips must be accompanied by smiling eyes. One can smile with the eyes and not the lips, but never with the lips alone.

—Josephine Huddleston, Austin American, Austin, Texas, March 9, 1924.

If you feel well this morning, don’t forget to notify your face.

—Wesley S. Izzard, Amarillo Daily News, Amarillo, Texas, Jan. 26, 1952.

Every happy face we meet adds one more sunbeam to our lives.

—Burris A. Jenkins, Kansas City Post, Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 27, 1920.

A smile is the sunshine of good nature.

—Nephi Jensen, Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan. 20, 1934.

If you wish to convince people, a smile is often as good as a statistic.

—Lee R. Call, Star Valley Independent, Afton, Wyo., Oct. 8, 1970.

The smile that’s diplomatic is terribly automatic.

—Bill Copeland, Sarasota Journal, Sarasota, Fla., July 7, 1967.

A scowl a day keeps friends away, but a smile will draw them in.

—Arthur Growden, The Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, Miss., Feb. 6, 1936.

The fellow who grins and bears it loses out to the man who smiles and changes it.

—Roy E. Gibson, Nephi Times-News, Nephi, Utah, June 21, 1962.

The tasks we have that we don't like are what help make us strong, and they're done better with a grin than if we grouch along.

—Judd Mortimer Lewis, Houston Post, Houston, Texas, Oct. 15, 1932.

Smile. You can't cuss your neighbor with laughter on your lips.

—W.A. MacKenzie, The Leesburg Morning Commercial, Leesburg, Fla., March 29, 1927.

A smiling face opens more locks than a thousand keys.

—Roy O. McClain, The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 28, 1960.

Laughter and frowns both make wrinkles, but you can choose which.

—Bert Moses, Lake Charles American Press, Lake Charles, La., Sept. 16, 1942.

A smile costs nothing. Why cannot we smile? A pleasant face is as easily worn as a scowling one. Why cannot we be pleasant? We have a code of politeness. What are the laws of politeness? The laws of politeness mean simply we must be pleasant. In one word that is the sum and substance of it--to be pleasant always. And we are rude, we are impolite, we are vulgar, because we do not want to be pleasant. We do not want to say a kind word; we would sooner say one that cuts. We do not want to wear a pleasant countenance, because we would rather wear a scowl. And the result is we are sowing thorns and disseminating briars among our fellows to wound their feet and make them to bleed.

—David S. Phelan, Western Watchman, St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 9, 1909.

You should practice smiling so that when you do smile it will not look like it hurts you. Do not force it; get the habit; it always pays.

—Harvey Scott, ChiIdress Index, Childress, Texas, Feb. 26, 1925.

A smile is the signature of trust. A smile is the handshake of the soul.

—Morris Shields, Y News, Provo, Utah, Oct. 20, 1939.

The agent of good will is General Smiles.

—Ernest C. Wareing, Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. 5, 1928.

A sincere smile is the true advertisement of a calm, courageous spirit. It imparts to all who see it a portion of the courage and faith from which it comes, and will help to make the day a little bit better for everybody.

—Bob Wear, Hereford Brand, Hereford, Texas, Aug. 5, 1981.

A smile is the lubrication for human contact.

—Gloria Young, Baptist Standard, Dallas, Texas, June 20, 1935.

“Smiles” is the longest word in the world–there is a mile between the first and the last letters of the word.

The Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, Miss., Nov. 28, 1927.

A smile goes a long way, but you're the one who must start it on its journey.

Harlem News, Harlem, Mont., May 29, 1953.

A smile keeps a grouch away, and a grouch keeps everybody away.

Idaho County Free Press, Grangeville, Idaho, Sept. 16, 1937.

The smileage of your voice is more important than the mileage.

Nashville Banner, Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 3, 1923.


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