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Inspirational and Insightful Quotations #40 --- Egotism

Updated on March 8, 2011

Quotations on Egotism

Boastfulness is by no means the only way in which egotism is revealed. There are numerous little telltale signs, knowledge of which is distinctly useful in social and business relations.

An egotist, for example, is commonly a poor listener in a conversation.

Because of undue eagerness to express his ideas he is prone to interrupt anybody who may be speaking. Whether he assent to or dissent from what is being said, he finds it hard to let the speaker finish.

Often this is charitably ascribed to be mere lack of good manners, overenthusiasm or a nervous enthusiasm. But nine times out of ten egotism is at the bottom of it. ...

Egotism betrays itself by an abnormal self-assertiveness even in little things, a callous disregard for the feelings and rights of other men and women.

The man who habitually shoulders his way through a crowd is more than likely to be an egotist. So is that other man who maneuvers to be served ahead of his turn.

The egotist, again, does not take kindly to criticism, yet because of his exalted opinion of himself is overready to criticize. He is blind to his own mistakes and shortcomings, stubbornly persisting in chosen courses of conduct even after they have cost him dear and their folly has been pointed out to him.

—H. Addington Bruce, The Chicago Daily News, Chicago, Ill., Jan. 7, 1920.

Egotism and suspicion operate as twins. There is no hope of success for the person who suffers from too much self-love or who lacks confidence in others.

The greatest successes in all walks of life are men and women with deep and enduring capacities from faith in their fellowmen. Suspicion is like a germ. If permitted to enter the mind, it multiplies itself prodigiously until it leaves no room for faith.

Frequently, the person who lacks confidence in others has too much confidence in himself. He fails to recognize that no one can achieve success alone. He always needs the help and cooperation of his fellow beings. That's why egotism is such a deadly enemy.

—Napoleon Hill, Houston Post, Houston, Texas, Feb. 8, 1957.

The greatest stumbling block is egotism.

—Frank Crane, The Chicago Daily News, Chicago, Ill., Sept. 2, 1920.

When confidence expands and slips over into egotism, the detonation that will shortly follow is only a matter of the next few starts.

—Grantland Rice, New York Tribune, New York, N.Y., March 17, 1923.

Egotism is the end of self-improvement.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., Nov. 23, 1938.

Egotism is a dishonest facing of facts about one's self.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., Nov. 23, 1938.

Egotism is the first step in unpopularity.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., Nov. 23, 1938.

Don't be an egotist; you may become an I-sore to your town.

—Phil H. Armstrong, Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, Fla., July 13, 1923.

The trouble with the egotist is he is all I's and knows.

—Phil H. Armstrong, Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, Fla., May 30, 1924.

Generally, when some egotist tells you he's levelheaded, you can't help but wonder what level.

—Jim Cornwell, Murray Eagle, Murray, Utah, Feb. 25, 1960.

Egotists are fortunate. They know how to make capital out of everything–especially I's.

—Jack Haney, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, La., July 20, 1926.

If a big mouth denotes brains, we know a few people who have them to spare.

—Ivy Clough Johnson, The Leesburg Morning Commercial, Leesburg, Fla., Feb. 29, 1928.

An egotist is a person who thinks you will take him at his farce value.

—Roberta Lyndon, The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., May 28, 1939.

Egotism is the napkin in which littleness wraps its slender talent.

—W.A. MacKenzie, Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, Fla., March 13, 1924.

Egotism is self-confidence with its steering gear busted.

—W.A. MacKenzie, Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, Fla., July 8, 1924.

Some self-made men suffer greatly from I strain.

—W.A. MacKenzie, The Leesburg Morning Commercial, Leesburg, Fla., Feb. 4, 1927.

Get the big head if you prefer, but think of the unnecessary cover charge.

—W.A. MacKenzie, The Leesburg Morning Commercial, Leesburg, Fla., July 23, 1927.

Even if a man sets a high value on himself he shouldn't always carry the price tag right out where everybody can see it.

—Edwin E. Naugle, St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg, Fla., Jan. 8, 1922.

It is a true egotist who congratulates himself on the other fellow's success.

—E.V. White, Clarendon News, Clarendon, Texas, July 18, 1935.

Egotist: A fellow who has corns between his shoulders from patting himself on the back.

—Vera Wise, The Daily Herald, Biloxi, Miss., Dec. 23, 1940.

An egotist is not a man who thinks too much of himself; he is a man who thinks too little of other people.

Amarillo College Ranger, quoted in Milwaukee Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 6, 1946.

Egotism is a state of anesthesia that keeps some people on living terms with themselves.

Utah Chronicle, Salt Lake City, Utah, Dec. 11, 1925.

Egotism is mediocrity's attempt to escape frustration.

Chinook Opinion, Chinook, Mont., Dec. 19, 1946.

Our idea of an egotist is a man who is so wrapped up in himself he takes cold when he gets a puncture in his vanity.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, Jan. 21, 1914.

Some people are so egotistical that they imagine everybody they meet is glad to see them.

Great Falls Tribune, Great Falls, Mont., Nov. 5, 1934.


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