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Inspirational Poem #12 Attitude

Updated on July 15, 2011

Whatever the world see of him
Is what he carries in his heart
Whatever the world say to him
Is what he speak from his mind
Whatever the world buy
He think it would be nice
To buy what they buy
Using their choice as his own
Whatever he fail to do
He think that is cool
But upset the others
The person he never knew

Whatever the world tell him
He ignore and leave
Left the world asking
What’s up with his attitude?

Attitude comes with choice
That choice you choose to do
That could be bad or good
Yes attitude tell someone directly about you

Quote: ~ Your attitude is another language called body language which indicate who you are. People never see that attitude are accidental because it is about 90% of who you are and 10% of who you are not. Old man say, “you can tell more about a person by how he act then what he say” which is quite true. Attitude plays a role in life because your action is acting what is in your mind.~


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