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Updated on October 22, 2011


Through the sky
through the trees
i have found out my destiny
whether being a poet,or a singer
its who i want to be
no one is going to tell me anything
no one will ever crush my dreams
this is who im
this is who u cant change
you can push me around till your blue in the face
it wont make 1 damn bit of difference
whether your a poet or a song writter
if its who u want to be
follow your dreams
dont let anyone tell u what to do
no matter how bad u want to listen
it will always pay off in the long run.


never be afraid to believe
cause you might just achieve
your goals are your life
please dont make it a fight
they may help you sleep at night
giving you the light to see through the door
just as you couldnt before
when opportunity knocks
dont be afraid to open those doors
god gave you a gift
that helps you get that extra lift
so dont ever throw a fit
he will help you get through it


As u sit looking at the sky
does it make everything alright
when your close your eyes
when you dream does it make u want to cry?
You always wonder what the day will bring
will it make u happy,or make u mad
Will it make u quit
Or make u achieve
You have your power to make your dream come true
all u have to do is just believe
And that is the truth.


We always want to quit no matter how easy it is
But we always think is it worth it
People always think its hard
their brains feel like they are melting
but some people always try to go the extra mile
no matter the presure or how hard it is
So next time you think about quiting
ask your self is it really worth it.


People are always making decisions
whether good or bad
should i do this or no
will i get made fun of
what should i do
these are the words that run through peoples minds
we usually turn to our friends to help
but are they making the right decisions
are they going to make fun of you just cause you couldnt agree with them
i would hope not
if so you make a decision about staying friends with them or not.


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    • profile image

      WWE Games 6 years ago


    • writingpoetry profile image

      writingpoetry 6 years ago from Texas

      ok,i can do that.

    • jeremiahjpwalton profile image

      Jeremiah Walton 6 years ago from New England This is a poetry contest I run that I am looking for more participants in. I loved your poetry and I'd love for you to write a poem for the contest. It has no guidelines topic wise. Write whatever you want to write about. I enjoyed your poetry and look forward to hearing from you

    • writingpoetry profile image

      writingpoetry 6 years ago from Texas

      anytime,ty for following me.

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago

      great poems thanks for sharing.