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Journey of Respire, Inspire and Aspire

Updated on August 22, 2015


Sometimes, we think pushing ourselves in isolation can help us prove our wit and help us succeed but we forget all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Past one month, I was going through a labyrinth of thoughts which were not taking me any where and every time those questions came to my mind, I felt mentally paralysed and cold. I started to shun myself my outer world. Disconnected from all the possible source of communication. Imagine in this era of 24x7 connectivity, I chose not to talk, not to express but just deal deal with my mental adversaries.

For a garrulous person like me who even today, being in mid-twenties, loves to live in her own air castles and think about those beautiful barbies I have. No trouble was big enough to daunt me. Suddenly I was scared of living. Scared of sharing. Scared of losing.

One believes it or not, there is some beautiful power which ensures that one does not remain in a mess for a long time. I was feeling the lack of inspiration in my life and was aimless. Even though, career-wise I had good projects, nothing was making me excited. The word ' Life' sounded lifeless.

And then, one day I decided to take over the reign of the horses of my thoughts and channelize them in the right way. It was a friend of mine with whom I discussed and he advised that my body and mind are getting disoriented and in order to bring them back to coordinate, I need to exercise physically and mentally.

My brain and body coordination had gone for a toss because of the ordeal I had put myself to not inadvertently but somehow I was myself responsible for that.

I forgot how to respire, only thing my body knew was to breathe the air in and out as it is hard coded into our mechanical system.

Negative thoughts capture ones mind in such a way that it becomes impossible to drive these thoughts away without the use of an external measure. In that scenario, advice from friends and family acts as savior and helps in getting out of that puddle of dilemma.

We may not be able to know why those thoughts came and what answers were those thoughts seeking for but certainly we may get directed to what is the right way of asking those unanswered questions.

This advice from one of my close friend changed my whole thought process. I was committing a mental suicide everyday and suddenly I realized, I was standing on the edge of the cliff.

I decided I would fight and come out of the tortuous screenplay that now I had created for myself.

Finally 'Respire' got what it was looking for: A healthy body which was breathing life.

Inspiration exists, you continue to work it will find you!

Now came the search for inspiration.

I want to do something magnanimous which will give me a sense of accomplishment. So, the second journey for the search for inspiration has begin. Thankfully, there is no lack of aspiration, as I always wanted to do something 'BIG'. Problem is which is the thing I define as BIG?

On my journey for inspiration, I realized that there is no such thing as finding inspiration. One cannot find inspiration but meets inspiration on their path of karma. Generally one delays the task at hand saying, "I am not feeling inspired today to do this, may be tomorrow I feel up." This is the deadliest delusion we live in. Inspiration will strike when we are not forcing it to strike. Let it hit the frontal part of your brain on its own and change the course of life.

So next time, you feel that you are not feeling inspired, start doing the task. Inspiration will automatically seek for you.

As I am reveling in this beautiful journey of life, I will try and share more beautiful anecdotes of this journey which may help you to crash in to your inspiration.

With Inspire, another most important character which has started its sojourn in parallel is Aspire. Though I am still not clear about what my ultimate goal is but I am definitely aspiring for a personality oozing optimism.

Aspire changes its shape, size, color and aura depending upon what point of life you are in.

In my story, the most fascinating character is ASPIRE.

This was a prelude of the journey I am going to compile with the three beautiful characters RESPIRE, INSPIRE and ASPIRE. They have the same genes but even then how all three together define rules in the Kingdom of LIFE is what we will see.

With the hope to see you soon. Keep the hope to Respire alive with Inspire and Aspire.


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