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Inspire Your Muse with an Historical Tour

Updated on September 13, 2017

Every town has something historical about it. The larger the city, the more likely you can historical tours. Visit some historical sites or go on a tour led by a knowledgeable guide. There is more than you realize all around you.

History is everywhere. It doesn't need to be just a small town or a big city. For those of us who have lived all our lives in one place, we tend to ignore it as it is so common to us. But open your eyes.

Where to Start?

Any historical site can be so inspiring, and not just for historical fiction. I was visiting an historical cemetery where a relative was buried. There were handouts on the history of it and some of the people buried there. One family had multiple children born with either no skin or very few layers. Only one child lived to be an adult. Wow! So many stories there. What if…..

Check out historical buildings such as schools, churches, or mansions. Even large businesses might have tours of their original facilities and such. There are great historical markers located in each state. Pull over to the side of the road and read them. Some are even located on historical buildings. Stroll through downtown areas and read historical plaques.

What if something turned out differently? How would we react today if that happened? What if someone time traveled and this happened?

Historical Markers

Have you ever seen a plaque on the side of the road or a sign that gave you notice of an historical site? They can be found all over the United States in large cities and small towns and way out in the middle of nowhere.

I have discovered that every state as an official list of all historical markings and their locations. In my state of Wisconsin, that site is There I can find all those interesting markers.

These markers point out interesting facts about the location they are placed in. It might be where a battle was fought or described how the place played a role in history. You can learn who lived in certain houses around your area that you never had a clue about.

Visit Chamber of Commerce

I will admit that I never thought of this one until I went into the local Chamber of Commerce in my hometown. My mother needed to drop off a letter for someone there. As I waited on her, I looked around and found that there was a lot of information about the town for the public to take. There was info on historical sites, the history of the town, and maps to help me through the small town and even the county. I was surprised at how much info it had for just tourists.

Be a tourist even in your hometown and visit the Chamber of Commerce. You might find a few surprises.


Many places offer guided tours. It might be through old homes or to point out where there are reported haunts of paranormal activity. Go on one. Don't assume you know all there is to know about the history of your area. Usually tour guides have a few tidbits of info that many don't have. They can reveal secrets and scandals.

You might even find some self-guided tours that have audio or print guides to take you around the area. Check them out. You can find some online when you look at historical sites for your area. The internet is full of information that can direct you to tour the area around you for historical significance.

Ask Yourself "What If..."

As you go along your tour, listen or read what happened there. What if it had not happened or something different had resulted? Wonder what could have changed and what stories can come from it.

Maybe there is a person you never heard of. Research them and see what they might inspire in you. Enjoy the tour and see what pulls at your imagination and has you wondering what could have happened if.... You might find quite a few ideas. Take a notebook with you. Jot down stuff as you go along, even if it is only a name and a question mark. You can research later. During the tour, get inspired.


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    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 4 months ago from Ohio

      You are so right about living someplace and not knowing the history of it. Historical markers are very interesting and give you facts you never knew. :)