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Inspired: Shinobi Heart Under Blade

Updated on January 24, 2013

Please listen to the song while reading the hub below :D AND the movie description is added below :D

Follow the five senses mentioned and I hope you watch the movie :D

Voices of Eternity:

He has been slain, and she has slayed him, the man of her dreams whom she worshiped and adored. And with his humid body at the corner of her eye she closed her eyes savoring the bitter pain that she felt. Yet, with his flowing blood some of her humanity dissipated into the bleak atmosphere. His red essence of life flowed out staining the floor beneath her. She was shocked as how much a human can bleed, yet, although she has taken several lives, this one was different. The familiar face, the face she knew and adored, the face that promised her to be her partner rests there, motionless and lifeless. Her eyes surveyed the human remains of a life severed and solid pearl like tears flowed. Those tears were tainted with treachery for she was the one breathing and he was the one on the floor laying there lifeless.

The stench of blood, the scent of loss mixed with sweat, the scent of betrayal all intruded on her olfactory nerves. Sending electricity up her brain and down her spine, no matter how many times she washed her hands, was it with water, sand, or even perfume she would fail to eradicate his scent from her memories. She would never be able to erase her sin, for its stench covers every corner of her body. She died last night when her blade overcame his and seated itself on the crown of his heart.

She could taste the bitterness of carrying her clan’s fate. It was sour, so acidic in its nature that it seeps into your pores claiming to be a friend, and only proving to be a foe. It was worse that acid rain as even if you cut that limb the pain will only crawl to the deepest point of your body. It was a merciless poison that would eat you up from inside out. It was her clan’s and his clan’s fate to clash, yet it was fate that made them the battlefield of their clans. They said love is a battlefield, and on that battlefield she was left with bitter memories of how she slayed her own half.

It was bitter. And there was no way to overcome such pain, such inhumane taste. And yet here he lies.

Her hands trembled remembering the way her katana crossed with his. The betraying sensations came crossing through her synaptic nerves replaying every hand motion by which she handled her sword. Her hands shook, trembling to the severity of her sin, brings quivers up to her aching her spleen as she replayed the sensation of having the bottom of his sword hit that spot. Slowly, she took one of her shaky hands, placed it on the bruise tainted in blue, and held her breath replaying that moment in her head once again. Her sword was blocked with his bare hand, for he knew her heart hesitated and when the latter gave in, her hand would not go with full force. And as the memory hit replay she felt the bottom of his sword smash into her spleen sending echoing pain up to her ribs and her heart’s apex.

She heard her ribs collapse bowing to the force of his power, and then she knew that he wasn't planning on holding back. She felt his breath resonate within his blade. They took several strokes to the back only to look their opponent in the eye. She heard his heart beating, yet she never knew that was the last thing she will hear. She never knew that will be the last memory she will have of him. She placed her katana in her palm fastening her hands on the handle. She could her the crows above mocking them, mocking the love-birds that have turned into tigers, snarling and scratching each other’s eyes out. She could hear fate playing the drum roll stating that one of their existences will vanish by the next strike. She could the blood pumping in his veins; she could her everything around her except the doubtful screams raised by her heart. A split of a second later their blades collided, and hers went straight to his heart seating itself on the top of his heart, right in the middle.


Shinobi Heart Under Blade tells the story of two skilled shinobis or ninjas from rival clans who fall in love only to be weighed, measured, tested, and torn to pieces :/

This material is quoted and copied from

Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Shinobi centers on the drama resulting from the war between two ninja clans in the early part of the Tokugawa era. In the film, Nakama Yukie portrays Oboro, the granddaughter of Ogen (Lily), the respected Iga clan matriarch, while Odagiri Jo plays Gennosuke, the son of Danjo Koga (Minoru Terada), the powerful Koga clan leader. While living deep within the mountains, the two ninja clans have honed their skills to superhuman levels. Unfortunately, the clans do not get along and are forbidden by imperial decree from sharing their techniques with each other. Viewing the two ninja clans as a threat to his scheme for total domination, the nefarious Nankobo Tenkai (Ishibashi Renji) plots to intensify the rivalry between the two clans. Nakobo creates a contest in which the clans are forced to choose five of their best warriors to participate. The battle, however, isn't just a friendly contest - it's a duel to the death! Written by ninja

All credit goes to the site shown above.


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