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Lessons of the Heart: Of Healing and of Hope

Updated on September 14, 2011

Inspired by remembrances on the tenth anniversary of 9/11

We will never forget.

We should never forget.

To forget history

is to forsake its lessons.

But as we remember today,

let us let wisdom temper primal rage.

While forgiveness is a journey so personal and private,

a community - of neighbors or of nations - can learn and grow together.

No - let us never forget.

But as time may soothe many wounds,

at this, the dectennial of jihad's jolt of hate and hurt,

there is still much healing left to do.

So - as we remember,

let us please keep walking.

Let us please keep talking.

Let us please keep keeping on.

So walk!

Walk through.

Walk around.

Walk to.

Walk with.

Walk under.

Walk with a strut

or with confused wonder.

Walk over.

Walk towards.

Walk in curiosity.

Or walk with the unbreakable stride of determination.

It is right to remember.

It is okay to grieve.

But let no melodrama alter the karma.

There's a time to gather, and a time to leave.

For they whose honest heart's honest comfort

is found by mourning - public or private,

stay as long as you need.

It is for they who dwell, not mourn, to whom I speak.

So, for the sake of humanity,

and for those who were spared

living conception until afterward,

let us live to live - let us walk.

For the sake of those who lost their lives,

and for the sake of we who remember,

for the sake of those who still breathe the toxic dust,

and for the sake of the little ones' gift of untied trust,

For the sake of those who had to learn to walk on

on their own,

and for the sake of those of us

who scrambled aimlessly to find and help them.

For the sake of those who mourn despite the date,

and for the children whose births have occured since;

for those who need no orchestra and replays of falling towers,

let's remember in earnest, and then LIVE this gift called life.

For the sake of a nation's shaken innocence

and a world which opened up its gracious arms,

for the sake of we who were there in time

and for the sake of those whose own eyes saw the towers fall.

For the sake of a hope for humanity's growth

and the change that must continue in that quest -

for the sake of those who died by solemn oath,

and the whole world's debt to strive toward OUR best.


In the name of living.

In the name of love,

let us walk on!!!


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  • Mighty Mom profile image

    Susan Reid 5 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

    Attracted to the title of this poem on a personal level (being one to let melodrama alter the karma -- zing!). I find the topic very timely for 2012. Timeless, actually.

    Very inspiring. Forgiveness requires action. Gonna go put my walkin' shoes on! MM

  • PegCole17 profile image

    Peg Cole 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

    Deeply touching and beautifully written.