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Inspired by a song i love

Updated on September 24, 2013

Cold War

There’s a consistent battle everyday of our lives.

Brought by society.

It’s aim: to see the fall of our true selves.

So it picks and nabs at everything about us.

Questions our opinions to theirs.

Then look us right in the eye and tell us “You are not good enough”.

Where there was a happy individual is now one who’s a wreck.

Wreck is what they want to see.

Idealism is shown everywhere to dictate or thoughts, manners of speech, dress, culture etc.

Yet it does the opposite of what it is suppose to do : ‘Mold the individual”.

Realization kicked in when i got fed up of reconstructing myself to fit certain standards.

In the words of Janelle Monae “This is a cold war, you better know what you are fighting for.”

What will you fight?

To be your true self or some copied manufactured product.

Yes i was taught that i was defective.

Monae: “I was made to believe that something was wrong me”

So what will be your battle.

Cold War by Janelle Monae


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