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Instead Of Yesterday

Updated on July 1, 2014


I saw you

and you saw me

our eyes met

for the first time

in many years

and I wish

we had been alone

I would have

wrapped you up

slowly and softly

Instead you just

asked me

if I knew

and I said


I was there

And it felt

like we were

the only people

in the room

and you looked sad

but accepting

And I selfishly wish

we had met

without anyone there

because after you left

they whispered and grumbled

of awkwardness

while I looked back

longing to tell you

how sorry I was

and how amazing you were


and I wanted to run

from the table

to you

and wrap my arms

around you

and never let anything

hurt you

ever again

I wanted to

change the past

and say

I’m sorry

a million times

and I just wanted

to feel your heartbeat

against my own

so I knew

you were still alive

I wanted to see you


but instead I saw you


And I don’t know

if you’ll ever know

how much it meant

for me to see you

after all these years

on a cold day like



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