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Instruments Of Time - Chapter 3

Updated on February 24, 2012

Third chapter of the exciting new story Instruments Of Time by Gabriel Thomas

Chapter Three - First Day

As the door opened, hurricane Aston exploded upon the rooms of Brackton House. Alex and Thomas ran down the long corridors as Lilly had done all those years ago. Each room was investigated at break neck speed, as they fought each other to be the first to see every new space that presented itself.

“Slow down!” Lilly and Liam shouted in unison. The boys ignored the request and continued on their self guided missile-like tour of their new castle! Only one door evaded them on the ground floor, Uncle Carter’s study. They didn’t know, that that’s what it was, all they knew was they couldn’t get in and they wanted to. “Dad! This room is locked!” “Well perhaps there’s a reason for that, we’ll find the key later. Why don’t you go upstairs and look at the bedrooms, I’m sure they’ll be open”. They boys raced to the bottom of the grand, but in need of some work, staircase. The next race was to the top, and it was done like a whirlwind chasing a tornado!

Downstairs Lilly paused a moment to try and remember something about the house, but there was nothing apart from that day in Great Uncle Carter’s study. As she entered the living room, she walked over to the window to open the curtains, the bright sunshine flooded the room, and the room seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, as if it had been gasping for years.

All of the furniture in the room was covered in sheets, no one had lived there for years. As Liam came in to the room to find Lilly and tell her that the removals lorry had arrived, she reached into her bag. She put her hand inside and pulled out a small leather pouch. 32 years ago she had been given 3 jewels and during their time away from the house they had been many things, in many games, now, they were home. She placed the bag on the mantle piece, and turned back to Liam, “lets bring in our rubbish then!” she said with a giggle in her voice.

After unloading all of the cardboard boxes from the removals van, the whole family took their place around the table in the kitchen. Lilly had got one of the removals men to bring in fish and chips, which went down very well with everyone, apart form Jessica. Nothing was going to lift her at the moment, so she was left to herself. All that she could think of was how she was going to explain this old dump to her school friends.

After dinner everyone went in to the garden, which was going to need a lot of work. But never the less, it already had the makings of a great setting for two imaginative boys to create new worlds. And perhaps even a teenage girl to have parties that would make her the new most popular girl? Liam and Lilly just saw yet another gift that was waiting to be made in to a wonderful setting for the exciting years to come in this new life.

As the evening drew in the family sat outside the house together with their own thoughts.

“How did we get this house?” Thomas put the question to the whole group to see if anyone knew, because He didn’t. Lilly and Liam looked at each other and each waited for the other to respond. As they did Alex and Jessica looked their way as well. The looks were ones of gentle enquiry not of interrogation, but the kids didn’t know.

“We inherited it” Lilly said. “Inherited? What does that mean” asked Alex. “It means somebody died and gave it us lame brain” Jessica replied with a tinge of sarcasm in her voice.

“Steady on Jess” Liam replied calmly, “there’s no need for that”. Jessica rolled her eyes but kept quiet.

“Who died? I don’t remember anybody dying that we know?” Thomas put the question to his mum and dad as if he were now performing the interrogation of a super-criminal!

“His name was Carter, he was my Great Uncle, and he owned and lived in the house” “How did he die, why did he leave us the house, I don’t remember ever meeting Great Uncle Carter?”

“Hey! Slow down! One question at a time!” It was getting close to when these kids should be going to bed, and this was probably not the time to be starting to try and explain how the house was now in their possession. If Lilly was going to tell the truth, and she would, if she could, she would have to do some digging herself!

Liam started to get the impression of what Lilly was thinking, “I think this is a discussion for another day!” The loud sigh from the boys from was that of two boys who had already started to create fantastical tales about an amazing man who lead an unbelievable life and came to a grizzly end, but that would to be too cool, wouldn’t it?

“Come on, time for bed” Liam said, Jessica had already started to make her way inside and the boys jumped up from their chairs and raced past her. “Watch It!” She shouted as they ran to both sides of her and both knocked her this way and that as they made for the bottom of the staircase.

The bedrooms like every other room already had furniture in them and most it was either covered in sheets or looked as though it would have been more appropriate in some antique shop! Jessica had taken herself of to her room and was now writing important text messages to friends telling them about the incredible misfortune that had been thrust upon her! The boys, in their room, were already in some other fantasy world, outer space this time, as Lilly and Liam came in to say goodnight.

“Come on now, lets get in to bed” As Lilly adjusted Thomas’ duvet, the questioning began again. “So, when do we get to know how he died Mum?” “Not tonight” Lilly said, “There’s a time and a place, and this isn’t it” Lilly’s tone was, forceful, but wasn’t given in a way as to tell Thomas off.

“We’ve all had a very exciting and draining day so now we need to go to sleep and get some rest ready for a big day tomorrow” Liam added, to reinforce to the boys that it was now time to go and have adventures in their sleep!

Lilly turned off the light in the boys room and wished them goodnight, sweet dreams and told them she loved them, they returned the sentiments. She opened the door in to Jessica’s room, “lights out Jess”. Jessica put her phone on the bedside table and acknowledged her mum with a small smile, “night sweetheart” “night mum, night dad”.

Lilly turned to Liam and said “time for us as well, I think” Liam smiled, they walked along the hall way hand in hand and made their way to their room. As they did, Liam turned off the light in the hall and Brackton Place fell in to a peaceful darkness. The light from a white faced moon in the cloudless sky lit rooms and cast long shadows off the old furniture. But now a faint glow, one that hadn’t happened in Brackton Place for some time, joined the moonlight, the leather pouch on the mantle piece was home, and it signalled it’s return.


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