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Insult a rich person.

Updated on November 7, 2012

Warning: These words are often offensive and should be considered as such.

Further warning:

It's also good to know that it's not nice to judge people because of his or her socioeconomic status. Rich, poor, middle-class, we all have to remember that we are all people and all people have a right to express who they are (unless they are communists) through words, art, music, style, fashion, etc.

The words demonstrated below are the most commonly known words referring to the labelization (not a word, the right word is labeling) of rich/wealthy/affluent people who enjoy expressing their wealth in the most frivolous fashion; most commonly through clothes, language, expense, personality, diet, plastic surgery, shallowness, etc.

Some of these words are highly offensive to others and may cause severe harm to those who use them. So please, use them cautiously.

** Other words of a similar definition is welcome to be added, please mention them in the comments section below. Thanks! **

Without further ado (listed alphabetically):

  • CONYO/KONYO: (to be used only in the PHILIPPINES) the term is derogatory term used for people who are considered to be of high society or just of a higher socioeconomic society. The word also categorizes these high society-type people as those who are considered vain, constantly self-conscious of everything, shallow, prefers imported products, cannot or would not speak Filipino and prefers only to speak in English only. DO NOT USE WORD IN A REAL SPANISH SPEAKING COUNTRY because in that world, conyo is a derogatory word for vagina. (source: www.urbandictionary,
  • FRESA / FRESITA: (used mainly in Mexico) refers to the wealthy Mexicans who also have the tendency to be vain, conceited, stuck-up, and very lavish. Most are considered to have blonde streaked hair, branded clothes, and of a political or powerful family. Most are proud to be Mexican, but looks down on those who are not of their social caliber or nationality. (,
  • GANGNAM STYLE: (Korean) the term is recently popularized by Psy. Gangnam refers to a district in Seoul where everything is considered very rich, fashionable, and stylish. It is believed that people of this district are also considered vain, conceited, stuck-up, shallow, and lavish. (,
  • PREPPIE (not the same as preppy or classical preppy): (mainly American, but like all or most American words, it is used everywhere) this is a variant of the word, "preppy" in which it indicates individuals who have attended preparatory schools (or prep schools, which are schools that prepare students to attend Ivy league or of the same caliber type schools). Some of the colloquial difference is that the preppie is also considered to be individuals who are vain, conceited, stuck-up, lavish, shallow, wheres tight branded clothes, feels elevated from everyone else, arrogant, obsessed with being pretty or popular. (,
  • TOFF: (British) derogatory term which indicates an individual with an aristocratic background, landed gentry, or "exudes an air of superiority" such of that of snobs and stuck-ups. (source:
  • WASP: (also American) originally referred to the Germanic/English/ White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and their descendants who happen to be mostly preppie. (

The sources of these words are not entirely scholarly or academic, it should be highly considered that these words and definitions are highly subjective and completely suggestive to opinion and perception.

But please, share and enlighten our knowledge and growth if you or others are aware of any other words with a similar connotation.


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