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Integrity Scarce, Money Long

Updated on September 18, 2016

Integrity Scarce, Money Long

Always be nice when you meet someone new,

Everybody is fighting a different battle, it's true

But remember somebody always has it worse then you do

It doesn't mean they're more important than you

Just strive for the best and never give up

Faith over fear is what's written on my cup

Nobody can succeed without failure first at hand

To never try is to never win, if you fall down my love, just get back up again

Life can be a whole different song to the same kind of bird

Some things in life will forever be unexplained, to others they can seem so pointless and absurd

To you it could be a bright chance to start something brand new

A different song for the birds to sing, all in harmony just for you

Love is just a bunch of letters if the actions cannot follow through

I would rather be a free flying eagle with no loss of freedom or range of flight,

then a caged canary in a deep dark tree hollow with nothing to do then stay perched and stare back at you

Just do your best, let God do the rest, trials and tribulations are meant for your soul to test

Remember you only get one life to live, each day a brand new start,

but while you start that new found journey, don't forget to guard your heart

Don't wake up one day with life long regrets, of everything you wish that you could've changed

Let go of the things that you can't control, and then your whole life can start to be rearranged

Life is priceless, much more priceless then gold, but how quickly some could forget

Never judge someone by their possessions or take their income as a threat

It's not how much you make or how big your wallet is

Integrity is everything, especially while raising your kids

They will follow example, not the words being said

I would rather live poor with a heart full of Jesus then be rich and become spiritually dead


What would you choose of the two?

You get to choose one for the rest of your life...

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