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Intel in Black a Central Force

Updated on December 26, 2013

In 1987
in the Washington Post
was published an article
that stood out the most

About a commune
‘Finders’ was its name
who were using children
in rituals of shame

Naked children
involved in rites
bloodletting of animals
all through the night

Children in chains
a horrible idea
a reality so dark
not for the eye to see

Photos were found
at the scene of the crime
I’m trying to think
how to describe

A bloody ritual
in very white sheets
adults and children
in this ‘feast’

Centered around
execution of goats
but before execution
cut up by the hosts

The children there
disemboweled and skinned
the goats there present
to let evil in

Cutting open
the womb to find
baby goats
laid still inside

of daddy goat
were cut off the animal
and then slid his throat

Satanic rituals
to what use
offerings to Satan
through child abuse

Who founded the Finders
who founded this club
an agency connected
to the boys on top

An agency known
and feared world wide
hidden in secrecy
covered with lies

Intel in black
a central force
the name not mentioned
but encrypted like Morse



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