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Intended man

Updated on January 16, 2016

Intended man

In the silence of the night, I see the face of an angel before me. So perfectly enticing to my soul, calling me back from a dream so beautiful. She is worth more than the most lovely of desires, caught in this perfection known as my love. In her arms I know that I am worth everything that is her, so amazing to my eyes, so beautiful to my soul. The vastness of this exotic love compels my reasoning to let go, while pulling together this man that once was so broken and alone. I lift my eyes to this ecstasy she imparts to my being, completing the work created within me to know. I know now what love is each time I see into the soul of another, tempting me with fire, leading me home again. I can cry these tears of joy while I hold my head up high, thanking my God for loving me back to the man I was intended to be.

Johnny Matthew Newell


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